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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 16 (FINALE)

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, November 15, 2016   40,359   81,229   1



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Finally, the time has come. The final episode of 'The K2.' After discovering Choi Sung Won's bomb is impossible to defuse, viewers prepare their hearts as we cannot predict the final outcome.

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I left my jaw behind somewhere on my sofa that night, because it dropped to the floor too many times. Je Ha was able to rescue Anna but not without taking a lot of hits from Park Gwan Soo's subordinates, leaving him unconscious and unable to tell anyone that the bomb can't be defused and will kill everyone.

While Anna and the Choi family are all forced to gather at 'Cloud Nine,' Choi Sung Won finally reached an ultimate low and, as Je Ha remarked earlier, he "started showing his true colors." I did not expect him to whip out a gun and not only shoot Kim Dong Mi, Choi Yoo Jin's secretary, and hold Anna hostage for the memory card but also shoot Choi Yoo Jin herself! Also, he shot her in the uterus. That is like... ultra fxxked up.

Oh this? No, it is not my time of the month - just got shot, no biggy.

While this happens, Choi Yoo Jin deactivates the elevators and doors in the building, leaving everyone trapped inside 'Cloud Nine.' Everyone better hope she doesn't die or Je Ha wakes up and reverses Choi Yoo Jin's commands.

I was expecting some awe-inspiring moment that Je Ha would have actually set 'Mirror' to also obey Anna's commands and she would somehow miraculously save them, but that is just another one of my theories not happening.

Anyway, while Anna applies pressure to Choi Yoo Jin's wounds, Choi Yoo Jin does the right thing and reveals the truth regarding Uhm Hye Rin's murder. In the end, Choi Yoo Jin's father sent Master Song to murder Uhm Hye Rin in her sleep in order to save their family name and not have Choi Yoo Jin living life as a mistress to Uhm Hye Rin. While Choi Yoo Jin had enough heart to try to prevent Master Song's actions, she was ultimately too late.

But the drama doesn't end there, suddenly Uhm Hye Rin gasps and grabs at Choi Yoo Jin's wrists begging to be saved. That is when Choi Yoo Jin said to Anna, "I realized you were behind the door with Master Song and I couldn't dare open it because I was scared I would see your face. I murdered your mother. As she begged to be saved, I thought about calling 911 - but I didn't." 

Choi Yoo Jin is seen walking out with tears in her eyes as she says, "Love isn't meant to be shared." EPIC! Best line of 2016 - hands down!

Choi Yoo Jin seemed to never find true love from anyone and I love that this drama explores love in all aspects, whether it be intimate, platonic, unrequited, or impure.

Caring uncle my arse!

As things continue to escalate, Je Ha arises and rushes to 'Cloud Nine' in order to save everyone. But Choi Sung Won proves to continue being a nuisance as he holds Anna hostage and demands he be set free first before everyone else. In this crucial moment he drops the memory card which Anna kicks to the side and takes later on. While I was hoping SOMEONE would stop or shoot Choi Sung Won the same way he shot Choi Yoo Jin, 'The K2' left me unsatisfied.

In the end, everyone is trapped in 'Cloud Nine' as Choi Sung Won breaks the cable lifts that everyone needed in order to escape. I appreciate his devilish demeanor to the bitter end, but for Christ sakes where is the mercy??! The whole Choi family was bred from the devil himself.

The drama finally does the impossible and tugs at my heartstrings through the final moments of Jang Se Joon and Choi Yoo Jin. While Anna, Kim Dong Mi and Je Ha rush to the elevator to take cover from the blast, Jang Se Joon goes to the ill-fated Choi Yoo Jin who demanded to be left behind to die in 'Cloud Nine.' She questions why he comes back and he beautifully asks her, "Will you be my partner on this path to the underworld?" 

As their strong gazes meet, they grasp each other tightly and, for the first time, Choi Yoo Jin reveals her true emotions and cries while muttering, "It is like we are one of those happy couples." I literally choked up! Cliche love never gets to me, but a love like this was just too much to handle.

The first time I almost shed a tear in my entire life.

Choi Yoo Jin constantly states how she was won over and fell for Jang Se Joon from the start and was charmed by each and everyone of his moves. Despite becoming torn and bitter from a love gone sour, you can see she always had his best interests in mind and cared deeply for him as she cries on his shoulder and in his arms. Like... I could cry just writing this, y'all.

Bye, Felicia. *insert sassy emoji*

With that, the bomb explodes and Je Ha, Anna and Kim Dong Mi survive the blast, are rescued and, to my utmost enjoyment, get their revenge individually. Je Ha kidnaps Park Gwan Soo and forces him to commit suicide by hanging himself (now that is some ruthless $hit) and clears his own name in court regarding the Black Stone case in Iraq, while Anna uses the memory card to expose everyone's crimes at Kumar Gate.

But what happened to Choi Sung Won? The most beautiful thing of course. He crosses paths with the only badass left - Kim Dong Mi. Waiting in his car, as soon as he enters, she casually pulls out her gun, makes that sly face she is notorious for and shoots him in the heart. Now that is how you serve up some revenge!

I always knew I'd like Kim Dong Mi in the end! You go, girl! #Ruthless

Over all, 'The K2' had an uncanny way of telling the story of two evils rather than two love interests, which makes it stand out incredibly well in a sea of K-Drama romance. I'd recommend this drama because not only does it contain a lot of great political viewpoints but it also really highlights Girls' Generation's YoonA's improvement in acting and Ji Chang Wook's flexibility in playing characters.

This final episode had me clasping my hands over my mouth one moment then applauding the various outcomes the next! Each scene was well executed, the deaths were each unexpected and the plot really evolved into something wonderful while addressing all of our questions from previous episodes. 

Sigh~ Happy ever after! When is 'The K3?'

The only cliffhanger was revealing the true identity of Je Ha (his double agent name). But that is one mystery I can let be as I sit back and recollect on all the fun 'The K2' has brought us.






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Mirror_cloud9 Friday, November 18, 2016

Song Yoo-ah 😭😍😘💗

Sarangmusic89 Thursday, November 17, 2016

I totally agree with this review. One thing i want to add is that Song Yoon Ah was definitely the star of this show. Her acting as Choi Yoo Jin was flawless. She managed to portray a ruthless businesswoman while also showing Yoo Jins scars from her unrequited love with Se Joon and then later Je Ha. One thing i didnt like was that Anna finds out Master Song was her moms killer but doesnt do anything to punish him at the end. Also, her whole plotline revolved around solving her mothers death and in my mind it was left unresolved since she didnt clear her moms name with the media. I agree that i can live with the unsolved mystery of Je Ha's real name. I was pretty annoyed too that they didnt reveal the contents of the memory card. Anyways it was a good show. Hopefully JCW will grace us with his amazing skills and face one more time before enlisting!

Kzeh1Dtion Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My mother, sis and I cried so hard during Anna and her dad's goodbye scene, omg. that scene was the saddest! oh my heart! TT__TT . Yoona's acting is amazing. I can feel her deep pain. she is an real actress.

marisara24 Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Love this drama! The end was so good! My heart was beating fast during the whole episode!! I like that Anna and Je Ha got their happy ending! Awesome!

Satzsf3lnds5 Tuesday, November 15, 2016

daebak! this is the best kdrama with the Best couple. YoonWook's chemistry and acting so perfect and real ~~ congrats to all of them!(except to writer)

taemshine1 Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I need Season 2 of thek2, I want know Jeha's real name and Want To see Queen Anna's era on her throne.

Satzsf3lnds5 taemshine1 Tuesday, November 15, 2016

right , his rea name and her era as the boss and Queen, definitely we want season 2, or another rom-com for these two love birds~~😍😍😍 Ji chang wook and Yoona 😍😍😍

taemshine1 Tuesday, November 15, 2016

perfect score!! Yoona and Ji changwook's chemsitry and acting were so damn awesome! the rest cast too. excellent kdrama, couple, rest cast and pd

Jarhon (Banned) Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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lewisglory Tuesday, November 15, 2016

10/10 best kdrama with the best cast and best couple!! wow I will miss Yoona Anna and ji chang wook jeha, their acting so wonderful., their kisses were SO NATURAL & GLORIOUS!!

lewisglory Tuesday, November 15, 2016

i fall in love with this drama and JeAnnA couple.

hottest_aileean Tuesday, November 15, 2016

this is probably one of those rare cases of a perfect kdrama ending~ I loved every single last bit of it. and omfg chang ji wook and yoona have such great chemistry

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