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Park Hae Jin to sue netizens and media that talk about his host bar rumor

By alice101   Monday, October 31, 2016   27,476   2,473   0



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Actor Park Hae Jin's agency officially announced that it will take legal actions this week against anyone who continues to spread rumors about the actor's past allegedly working at a host bar (where men work as entertainers who sometimes engage in sexual favors). 

The actor has recently been attacked by netizens' and media's speculation and reports regarding his connection to Go Young Tae, a man who is connected with Choi Soon Shil, the main person of interest in the Korean presidential scandal

Park Hae Jin's agency released an official statement on October 31 through 'The Fact' that made it clear that those who continues to speculate and write about the actor's supposed past career as a host will be sued. 

The statement read, "Just because of he was with [Go Young Tae] in the same space and time long time ago, a rumor is getting added onto that, and stories that are irrelevant are becoming gossip, hurting many fans who have loved Park Hae Jin; for the sake of the fans...we have decided  to make an official statement." 

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In regards to the photo with Go Young Tae, the agency commented, "The photo is one of the 4 photos already discussed back in 2011...Media that reported the photos were already punished legally and Park Hae Jin had already had been restored of his reputation...It was just a trendy photo that was popular back in the days (where friends pose, pretending to be different characters/personas); Park could not even imagine Go Young Tae was one of the people in the photo. The actor does not know Go's contact information or his whereabouts, and only found out couple of days ago that this was related to an important political scandal through media reports. One clear fact is that Park Hae Jin and Go do not know each other personally, nor do they communicate with each other." 

Lastly the agency stated, "As a citizen of Korea, Park Hae Jin hopes that all the facts in the president's scandal are clearly revealed. However, he wishes that his name would stop being mentioned." 

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bakanishela Monday, October 31, 2016

So glad he takes action against those netizens!!!! Seriously... if that picture taken way before he debuted and became popular why does it have to do with him now.

kidsofmisery Monday, October 31, 2016

And so he should. This has nothing to do with him, so his name is uselessly being mentioned to shift some of the drama away from the people who are really involved in this...

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