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[MV & Album Review] IOI - 'Miss Me?'

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, October 25, 2016   12,117   1,717   0



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The dazzling girls of IOI continue to spark the interest of many with their cutesy styles, over-the-top concepts and amazing songs! After dominating the K-Pop world with addicting hits like "Whatta Man" and "Pick Me," "Very Very Very" becomes the next big earworm off their 2nd mini album 'Miss Me?'

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1. "Very Very Very"

2. "Hold On"

3. "Do As I Say"


5. "Um, Maybe"

"Very Very Very" is a fast-paced, upbeat track with a catchy hook and aegyo-filled refrain with an aegyo-filled MV to match! Sharing similarities to Red Velvet's "Russian Roulette," the MV for "Very Very Very' is vibrant, peculiar, and charming in its own right. It isn't necessarily mischievous like "Russian Roulette" but silly and spontaneous. See for yourself! 

The dance is uplifting and easy to follow with putting your hands in a fist in front of your face and shaking back and forth in a cutesy manner as IOI's keypoint choreography. I can see this become the latest dance craze - and fast!  Each of the girls is beautiful while rocking today's athletic casual styles and stands out without seeming to outshine one another. Their glitter freckles and colorful eyeshadows are another tasteful addition, which make the girls aesthetically pleasing alongside the MV.

While the song may be super cutesy, the lyrics do tell a different story. "Very Very Very" is a love that isn't won over easily despite how much you like someone. Typical JYP fashion, but we still love it!

Even if you like them "very very very much" you "can't forget what your mama said or what your friends said" and that the man you like may be "the adam or the serpent." While you feel fluttery and free, love can chain you up, so love happily but wisely. Songs like "Very Very Very" that have strong, meaningful lyrics seemed to get drowned away by the fun and silly styles. It can be odd to sing so happily about a realistic relationship struggle.

After all the fun is done, the girls of IOI settle things down with their second track "Hold On." Although this track is not as easy to fall in love with as the promotional track "Very Very Very," "Hold On" has a beautiful piano melody, lots of ad-libbing, subtle snapping, and a steady drumming instrumental. 

For a ballad track, it actually is loud and energetic but still offers a more emotional style in comparison to the girls typical sound. The lyrics continue to pander at the "love game" theme as they continue to passionately sing, "I trust you," and, "If it's not the end, come run over to me."

Things get a bit retro and funky with "Do As I Say." The song consists of more talk-like singing rather than delicate ad-libs and multiple high notes. The electric guitar, random shimmering, mid-tempo pop ballad is more charming than "Hold On" but lacks the beautiful atmosphere the previous ballad created.

Fortunately, that slack is made up for with Na Young's rap. The lyrics speak of a fragile heart and how their lover must listen to what they have to say about them. "Do As I Say" is cute, gives other members a moment to shine, and the instrumental is whimsical but not as lively.

"PING PONG" picks the pace back up as it has a more creative sound, blending an odd mixture of East Asian instruments with an upbeat instrumental. The instruments used seem to be traditional instruments used for pansori or other folk music. The track builds up your adrenaline with a fast, clapping beat and synthesized sounds and voices. "PING PONG" is a well-crafted tune but doesn't seem very fitting for IOI. The album can do without it and vocally reminds me of something Girls' Generation would sing.

Finally, redemption (in my humble opinion) is found in "Um, Maybe." The instrumental is quirky, intriguing and has a lot of pizzaz to it. "Um Maybe" utilizes multiple synthesized sounds with church bells, bubbles popping, background vocals shouting "Hey" and "Yeah" while more trap-genre influences are easily noticed.

Once again IOI's rappers stick out nicely and much better than in "Do As I Say." Flirty and adventurous, this song is a great dance track and can get the party going. A bit odd to end the album with this livelier song rather than a ballad, but "Um, Maybe" is a great addition in the end and worth the listen.

Overall, 'Miss Me' is a unique mini album as it tests the various sounds of IOI. While there are some clear hit and miss songs, it all depends on personal taste. After hearing the album, it becomes more evident that the girls have great potential and are flexible enough to explore new genres. 

However, songs like "Very Very Very" are a great crowd pleaser! Some may think the song is safe or too familiar, but K-Pop is known for its aegyo and "Very Very Very" is done nicely, making it the winning track off this album.


MV Production.......8

MV Concept............8

MV Relevance........8

Album Production..6

Album Concept.......7


Overall Score: 7

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aizatuladzwa Friday, October 28, 2016

This probably my fav. I think they did very very very well this time. Even in a short period of time I still proud of them. To see all 11 girls again. To see them performing on stage singing dancing beagles around with each other. Only this time. But Hold On, my tears will forever flow because of this song. Love is easy. But to letting them go is very difficult. Let's love them until the very end. They deserved it. As IOI Stan, I'm very proud of my allkpop, your scoring doesn't makes any sense. Bye.

kacichan Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This is an amazing album, I was not dissapointed in a single track. Very Very Very is great title a nd I will forever cry at Hold On.

thealigirl8 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I actually like every single song on this album

i_am_diffrent Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What is this double standards in terms of rating? High scores for boy groups, low scores for girl groups. Get outta here author. On a more positive note, I like this album very very very much =D especially the song 'Hold On', such a beautiful song from a beautiful group XD

riae158 Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anyone else think in the cover the third girl looks like like Mina? Not hating, just noticed.

Kuroban riae158 Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mina in Gugudan? if you're talking about her, then you're right. Mina of IOI and Mina of Gugudan is the same person ^^

riae158 Kuroban Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yeah, I know they're the same person, I mistyped though. I meant to say does anyway think the third girl does NOT look like Mina? Maybe it's just the angle, but I didn't even realize it was her for a while.

riae158 Wednesday, October 26, 2016


OhMyGuy Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trash, this album is a solid 8 or 9. Not a single track was disappointing and they were all very different. Why complement the album on the review so much to give it a mediocre score. These reviews are very very very confusing.

Fatimaaxo Tuesday, October 25, 2016

IOI's new album was a sad that they're disbanding right when I got into them

Fatimaaxo Tuesday, October 25, 2016


anayoridango Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kpop world? Bilboard? International charts??? Youtube views? How many recompense?I don't think kpop world...

The End



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