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Hwang Chi Yeol accused of throwing away gifts from Chinese fans

By alice101   Friday, October 14, 2016   47,350   2,216   0



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Singer Hwang Chi Yeol, who was recently accused of tossing away presents from his fans in China, officially denied the rumor. 

Hwang Chi Yeol's Chinese agency stated in its official announcement, "The recent rumor about the singer -- that he keeps only the expensive presents and throws away the cheap ones -- is not factual." 

This announcement was a response to a social media post that seem to suggest that Hwang Chi Yeol wears or takes pricey items from fans right away but leaves the handmade, cheaper items in his hotel room. The post had a photo of shopping bags in a hotel suite that Hwang Chi Yeol supposedly stayed in.

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The agency emphasized in the official release, "Hwang Chi Yeol loves his fans. He takes most of [the presents] with him to Korea and keeps them at home or at his agency in Korea. The ones he cannot take with him, he keeps them in the Chinese office...He does not judge the presents by their price tags." The announcement also added that legal actions will be taken if false accusations continued. 

Regarding the photos of shopping bags, the agency explained, "It is not clear from the photos whether the bags are from the fans or from us, but he definitely took all the presents. They might be empty wrappers and shopping bags...If you've seen the show 'I Live Alone' you can see that Hwang Chi Yeol's apartment is decorated with all the presents...even little gifts and fan letters, he treasures them all." 

Hwang Chi Yeol's Chinese manager also added, "I have worked with a lot of celebrities, but but I've never seen one who is so friendly and kind to his fans...I don't understand this nonsense rumor is spreading." 

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MayLingS Sunday, October 16, 2016

So sad to see such a rumor circular around. What's the intention of that person who started that post with a picture of gift bags and boxes????  Chi Yeol and his fans have built up beautiful relationships.  It's very upsetting some people have been trying every way to shake up their world.  To him, his fans are everything!!  I never ever see a celebrity that is so kind, loving and caring!!  He cherishes his fans and he loves his fans.  No matter how busy his work schedule, he always tries to spend time talking to them and taking pictures with them. Chi Yeol's fans are all over the world, far and near!! Most of us have never met each other but because of Chi Yeol, we share our thought, love, and support for each other.   And because of Chi Yeol, his fans have come together and doing some wonderful work for their communities near and far.  Our love and support for him are very strong, it can't be shaken by such ridiculous rumor. Chi Yeol is beautiful inside and out!

cynkdf Sunday, October 16, 2016

First I apologize for writing more than three comments. Hwang Chi Yeul is a man who treasures and cherishes all gifts from his fans. Jenny (admin of HCY - English Facebook page translated an article from HCY Official Blog. Please see picture of one page of many pages of said article. The pics show HCY's mother complaining to him about the state of his apartment (HCY was away in China most of the time, and didn't have time to keep it tidy) and asking him to throw away what she didn't know was valued by him - you know how mothers are, right? :)  Better still, please watch "I Live Alone" episodes featuring HCY and you'll see how his small apartment is full of gifts from his fans (big and small, irrespective of price).

MonaL Saturday, October 15, 2016

When a celebrity is so popular & being idolised, there will definitely be lots of jealousy followed by false & insensible news.  I have never been a serious fan of any celebrity... but HCY's genuine, sincere & down to earth personality is well deserved to be supported & proud to be his fan. I haven't seen a celebrity who is so kind & friendly to his fans. He is a man who always has a caring & an appreciation heart. HCY (& all fans), just ignore the news & move on.....HCY, we are always by your side & nothing is going to change our support for you....we will shower you with our love even more... & always 😍😍😍

TriniSimSim Saturday, October 15, 2016

If there were really gifts inside,  then whoever took the photo would certainly have made sure to display that. Obviously all they have to show are the empty bags and boxes.  It is just an anti fan smear tactic.  However I dont think basing Chinese fans is an appropriate response.  There are millions who love him and have worked hard to support him.  There are also anti fans in China,  Korea and elsewhere.  Although Chiyeul's popularity is huge, it is impossible for any celebrity to be loved by by everyone. I am a US non-Asian fan and what he and his worldwide fanbase has taught me, is that love without borders is possible.  Please don't let the hateful act of one individual cause a rift in the HCY Family.  We all want to love and support him unconditionally and we can do that best by supporting each other.

scarletfbl Saturday, October 15, 2016

This is a silly rumor. If anyone would have bothered to look inside the bags....I wouldn't expect someone to take the packages/rappers from a gift I made them. Once they open the gift, the wrapper is trash. I mean, unless for some reason I asked him to keep the wrapper, too.

youTaeyeonOMG Saturday, October 15, 2016

His Chinese fans will beat the hell of this guy very soon, these fans are the most stupidest moron in the world!

oooxtina Friday, October 14, 2016

didn't they watch him on i live alone? his new place is already filled with gifts from fans

thefabcat92 Friday, October 14, 2016

don't tell me he had to even to take the wrappers home? typical fans

shimajul thefabcat92 Friday, October 14, 2016

maybe the wrappers also the gifts ... *sigh*

thefabcat92 shimajul Friday, October 14, 2016

hahaha. wrappers also part of the gift? maybe, that's why they are going crazy over that xD

Oberdine Friday, October 14, 2016

Please don't ever share this kind of negative articles or news about our kind hearted Chi Yeul. He is the most lovely, humble and gorgeous Idol i' ve ever seen. He always treats and treasures his fans dearly. We love and believe in him.. it will always remain.. nothing will ever be able to change this beautiful relationship between him and his fans around the world ❤

cpoplove Friday, October 14, 2016

I just translated an article about C-netz reaction to this, I'm disinclined to believe this rumor and support Hwang Chi-Yeul!If you're interested in reading, please visit cpoplove . com!

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