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Mukbang star Banzz apologizes for his controversial statement regarding Xiumin during a live broadcast

By jubilantj   Friday, August 12, 2016   75,727   3,891   0



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Mukbang star Banzz uploaded an apology for a careless comment he made regarding EXO's Xiumin during an August 7 live broadcast. 

During the said broadcast, Banzz was about to dig into a peculiar instant dish called 'mango chibap,' composed of mangoes, chicken, and rice. 'Goobne,' the brand that distributes this instant dish appointed Xiumin as the spokesperson, and the idol has actively promoted the brand, even eating the dish for himself during a past promotional event. 

Banzz had uttered during the broadcast, "It's because I eat the dish that everyone is cursing me out. But would anyone curse at this picture?" sharing a picture of Xiumin taking a bite into 'mango chibap.' Banzz then said, "It's the same dish but a different vibe, right?" Banzz then dared his viewers to insult Xiumin's picture, saying, "Insult him if you dare. I'll reveal all your IDs in the chat window." 

Though Banzz was only joking and didn't actually want people to insult Xiumin or EXO, fans were outraged all the same, condemning Banzz for using Xiumin as a part of what they believed was a joke in poor taste. 

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When the criticisms grew out of hand, Banzz was forced to upload an official apology on his Instagram. The mukbang star wrote, "I've said things and behaved in a way that caused misunderstanding by insulting Xiumin without any good reason. I should have blocked everyone leaving malicious comments [against Xiumin] but I didn't respond in a timely manner. I apologize to everyone who felt hurt and displeased by my thoughtless actions."

You can view the controversial statement made by Banzz for yourself around the 43:44 mark in the clip below. 

The Apology video can be found here.

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junxxmin Saturday, August 13, 2016

i'm an exo fan, friends an exo fan, most exo fans loled because it was a joke and it was admitting to Xiumin's popularity. All these fake anti "fans" trying to give the fandom a whiny image and good for nothing netz trying to ruin everything, is there no humor these days??

KenjiT_07 Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wow, k-netz get so butt hurt so damn easily... -.-

sarahhcc Saturday, August 13, 2016

Literally k-netz need to calm the f down. Not even just kexo-ls, k-netz as a whole need to stop bashing on every little thing that pegs them the wrong way in the slightest.

JoySummer77 Saturday, August 13, 2016

I don't get why people say bad word at them for eating a dish. Explain please. Also Xiumin oppa look so adorable.

sarahhcc JoySummer77 Saturday, August 13, 2016

He was saying in a joking manner that to the ppl watching should dare try and insult him because he's eating the same dish as xiumin. And then he was like, "wow same dish but different vibes" he basically sorta insulted himself as well. But beyond that some, and i repeat SOME, dumb-ass exo-ls who take everything too seriously and get butthurt over everything started bashing him for talking about xiumin

JoySummer77 sarahhcc Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oh okay thanks and I totally agree with you. If they are true Exo fans, they wouldn't have said those mean words

scum83 Saturday, August 13, 2016

it's crap like this that'll make people hate your 'idols' n the fandom even more. starting shit after every little thing. smh

dhn Saturday, August 13, 2016

this is dumb, he doesn't need to apologize.

Blue82 Friday, August 12, 2016

From this article I took that to mean they were teasing him and he jokingly pointed out that Xiumin is the idol promoting the dish at the moment. He teasingly dared them to say those types of comments to Xiumin's picture and he'd block them. To me it seemed like he was joking and teasing the fans and it honestly doesn't seem like his intent was to insult Xiumin but rather to point out that they shouldn't pick on him because Xiumin promotes the dish as well. It would be like me saying, 'Hey don't tease me even Xiumin likes this dish see he's promoting it!'

changminbaby Friday, August 12, 2016

oh wow.

SaVanityVan Friday, August 12, 2016

Lol seriously, who fucking cares. People need to stop letting no-life 12 year olds with nothing better to do bully them into apologizing for every little thing.

circadianite Friday, August 12, 2016

Dear EXO-L ... calm the fuck down. Sincerely the rest of the kpop world.

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