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Fans attempt to decipher NCT's complex unit system

By beansss   Thursday, August 25, 2016   163,761   14,656   116



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On various online communities, fans have taken on the challenge of deciphering the complex unit system that SM Entertainment's newest project NCT has launched this year.

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One diagram (in black, below) sorts out NCT's system into 3 categories. First, the diagram divides NCT into its city units - the Seoul team, whose name was revealed to be NCT 127; the Tokyo team; and the Beijing team. Each of the city units will debut with a fixed number of members, and will focus on promoting in their respective cities/countries. More members can be added to each of the city units, but fixed members cannot be subtracted from them. 

NCT U is a unit which objectively focuses on the "unit" aspect of NCT, and freely enlists members from all three of the city units for individual promotions. NCT U is a unit in which any NCT member can be freely added to or subtracted from, without any restrictions. 

About the relationship between S.M.ROOKIES and NCT, fans suspected that all male trainees who are currently a part of S.M.ROOKIES will eventually become a part of NCT. 

In another diagram (in yellow, below), fans compare NCT to a school system. The city units are like classes, with a fixed number of debut members per class. NCT U gets compared to extracurricular activities, while NCT Dream is a unit that consists of the equivalent of 1st years at a school. Those in older years cannot join NCT Dream. 

Of course, many fans still remain puzzled about NCT, since no one can know for certain how many more units can be formed. Did these diagrams help you understand NCT better, or nah?

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Sayuuu_29 Sunday, February 19, 2017

You know this kind of idol system is already happening in Japan. If you know AKB48 then you will realize that this concept is somehow similar to NCT. I want to share my points on why this is a very good and interesting concept (if it will be executed well and they will be successful)1. NCT will colonize the entire economy of Korea. This crazy set-up allows them to promote from the different fields of business (CF, Drama, variety shows...they will making money out of all promotions and titles and ambassadors they will be getting. Since they are multi-lingual they can even extend their promotions outside Korea whether it is individual, group, or as the whole NCT as long they are bringing the name NCT)  Of course, their music too.  2. NCT might be the national idol in Korea. As they expand many business can take hold of their power in marketing. Business holder may ride into the bandwagon to promote their products and services. Their music becomes universal to S. Korea. Everyone and not only fans and kpop people will know them. from politicians to old people. They will be know them and be aware of their presence. 3. NCT will live across generations. I imagine in the far future, if this group will live up to its name, 3 decades from now, lets see, the 4th or 3rd generation of them will be the one promoting. Of course by that time, Jisung might even be already inactive or out, but you know them NCT will probably still be working with its current generation of idols (somehow idols by this time will be born from 2010 liners and up)Of course this is my rough prediction of their future, comparing to AKB48's success in Japan. But we will never know. I do hope it will become like this too. This is why SM founder and producer really wanted to make this vision come true.

queenslee Sunday, August 28, 2016

"More members can be added to each of the city units, but fixed members cannot be subtracted from them."But wouldn't that go against their concept then?

brittkina Saturday, August 27, 2016

My brain hurts

lostkpopidol Saturday, August 27, 2016

I liked the school system, nct dream seems like nursery theyre all so cute

beashineeshawol lostkpopidol Saturday, August 27, 2016

lol so accurate

Era_Black Friday, August 26, 2016

So complicated.

fairytaeil Friday, August 26, 2016

thats great and all but i dont think i'll ever remember all their names yikes

SicaLicka Friday, August 26, 2016


lala90 Friday, August 26, 2016

I think I get it?

mikasaackermann Friday, August 26, 2016

i honestly think that this system is quite nice for a change. i mean, kpop groups are mostly just fixed with a concept and they just have a set genre. however, in this system, it allows for members that suit a certain song to promote it. it allows for more flexibility and also it gives some of the members a time to actually take a break from promoting. i mean just look at all those fixed groups. they have to continuously promote and they cant just let a member take two weeks off because they're tired. this concept allows for the members to actually alternate and the different genres of music they actually produce isnt bad either. From SM's perspective, this is just a really great marketing scheme to see which concept will actually produce the best response but it isnt bad.

beashineeshawol mikasaackermann Friday, August 26, 2016

*claps* I think you addressed the pluses really well! I think the system over all is better for the artists and allows them more freedom than the traditional set up.

Arachi mikasaackermann Friday, August 26, 2016

True! even during their concerts for example it's not the same people performing all 26+ songs, so I think it might be a good thing! =))

beashineeshawol Arachi Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hopefully the result will be less injuries. Every time an EXO member gets injured I cringe.

Arachi beashineeshawol Sunday, August 28, 2016

Yes, hopefully! and in EXO's case it's really heart breaking

i9son Friday, August 26, 2016

I was never a big fan of the system that NCT have. Because when you have a Bias in NCT U, NCT127 or NCT Dream. It's still unknow if  your Bias be a part of the new  sub units. Like me with Ten still wait for his comback with another NCT  sub unit. And another probleme for me is that I don't get a group felling frorm NCT. But as long the Music is good. Everything is good for me ^^

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