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Police accuse Yoochun of soliciting prostitution + C-JeS responds

By yckim124   Thursday, July 14, 2016   89,044   2,263   0



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JYJ's Yoochun has been cleared of all 4 of his previous sexual assault charges; however, he is now being accused of soliciting prostitution. 

According to the reports by the Gangnam Police Department on July 14, "Yoochun has solicited prostitution with one of the four women who filed claims against him. Therefore, prostitution and also scamming has been applied to his case, for he has failed to pay the cost he originally promised." 

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To the police reports, C-JeS Entertainment responded with, "As reported by the Gangnam Police Department, Yoochun has been cleared of all 4 sexual assault charges. However, police also stated that prostitution has been applied to his case. We will not accept this, as it is completely false. We once again announce that Yoochun has not engaged in prostitution in any form. We will cooperate with the police to reveal the truth." 

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no_tofu_speed Monday, July 18, 2016

The assault cases... who knows.. I could swing either way on which is the truth actually. But the prostitution... that's a given... its illegal but its thriving and I can guarantee that like 70% of guys has seen one... that includes idols... it's kinda like weed was in the States before it started to be legalized, its status was illegal and there was busts everynow and again for show, but overall the cops just turned a blind eye. The good news for all u fans, is that if you get caught you usually just pay a fine and attend an "educational" course. While maybe the young fan girls who dreamt of him being their husband feel betrayed, all mature ages people in Korea don't really give a shit about this issue I'd say... unless they are one of the conservative high horse Christians...

TheKpopLover123 Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sigh... And here we go again... Allow me to remind everyone, both those who are currently either defending his "innocence" and the netizens who are accusing him of having committed those allegations the police has applied to the case (involvement of prostitution and scamming), that these allegations are currently being investigated. Allegation, or accusation, is a charge of a certain wrongdoing or wrongdoings, but it doesn't automatically mean that the person that is charged with these wrongdoings is guilty of having committed them. At the same time the fact that he has been cleared of the previous allegations of sexual assault against the multiple women, the denials of his agency (C-JeS Entertainment), and his pure image that is seen through the technological devices and the social media doesn't necessarily mean that these allegations (of prostitution and scamming) are false. Once again, as I have done in many other articles involving similar scenarios as these, I ask that the netizens reading this comment thinks thoroughly before stating any statements based upon speculations without reliable sources that supports that statement. This matter is currently being handled by the Police Department and has yet to come to an end. As things are right now, the career of the celebrity Yoochun has been gravely affected because of the speculations (involving the previous allegations) that the netizens have made. To avoid further complications I sincerely ask of the netizens to PLEASE WAIT UNTIL AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT CONCERNING HIS GUILT OR INNOCENCE IS MADE BY THE JUDGE AND REFRAIN FROM SPECULATING IN THE MEANTIME AS WE WAIT FOR THAT STATEMENT. I'm not here to argue with anyone about whether he is guilty or innocent and I don't really expect any respond or "likes" for this comment, I just posted this comment because I saw it necessary to point out the things that I have mentioned. Nothing more, nothing less. Bye.

ccrush TheKpopLover123 Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why are you blaming other people in what is happing with his career and reputation now? Isn't he the only one to blame? He is a public person who was caught up going frequently to room salons and was accused in serious crime. Is it a thing of netizens who didn't take it with "excitement"??? His company can take legal actions against defamation of his name? It is the same as trying to take legal actions against the one who voiced his/her opinion if someone commited the crime, kill for example. Celebrities and their companies have no shame thinking people will say/write: "It's ok" on whatever public person does. Are we police to make final decision or we have the human right to choose which part we will take: yoochun or prostitutes. They/you can't forbid people discuss it online/offline

ccrush TheKpopLover123 Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Journalists write articles. Some journalists investigate different cases on their own which is sometimes is the opposite of official statements. They do their job to bring the false information on true. Every article has comment section. We can write here what we think is right. Don't need to act as if celebrities or politics or big companies are untouched because they have more power and money and they can sue you by any matter they find to do it

TheKpopLover123 ccrush Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I said that the unproven speculations of the netizens has contributed to it. Yes, it has been revealed that he has been visiting Adult Entertainment bars and that is something he solely has himself to blame for. But was he caught sexually assaulting someone? No. He was accused by multiple women for having sexually assaulting them and within the period of time that an investigation of the allegations were taking place netizens were undeniably speculating about what had actually happened, even though they may not have been present when the assaults occurred. Either way, I never mentioned that it is forbidden to do so, I solely asked politely to wait for an official statement from a source (the police, the prosecutors, the judge etc) regarding this matter since we don't know for sure how the outcome may be, since we just gain information through the media in consideration for the celebrity because of the fact that it's not our reputation that is being tarnished by the statements/speculations of netizens, but his. Or at the very least provide proof that supports the opinions rather than to simply just immediately accuse him of having committed those allegations. Also, it's one thing to sue certain journalists, individuals etc for defamation, but it is utterly impossible to sue exactly EVERY netizen that has commented for defamation.

TheKpopLover123 ccrush Wednesday, July 20, 2016

But a high amount of those articles written by journalists without information provided by a reliable source of information (the police department, the prosecutors, the aftermath of an actual trial, the verdict of a judge, the prosecuted one himself etc) are sometimes incorrect like for instance the articles on Song Joong Ki's involvement in the sexual assault cases and the controversial investigate journalism program known as PD notebook which revealed false facts concerning the response of the agency of the prosecuted victim. This is partly one of the reasons why I ask that the netizens wait until the investigations of the police department has taken place. So to say, the media is not a reliable source to use when judging or deeming someone as innocent or guilty.

TheKpopLover123 Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Excuse me, it's supposed to say prosecuted individual, not victim.

krell Sunday, July 17, 2016

My *guess* is that YOOCHUN is *guilty* of CRIMINAL SOLICITATION of a PROSTITUTE, *if* he did make a financial offer with the *expectation* that he would be sexually serviced. Whether or not that YOOCHUN did or did not PAY the PROSTITUTE, (to me) seems NOT RELEVANT to the LEGAL situation. Which, I suspect that the S.K. PROSECUTOR does also see it that way too. I am *wondering* IF YOOCHUN  has the *option* to 'go with' some kind of 'NOLO CONTENDERE' (USA Law) type PLEA situation. It would be like that YOOCHUN does *not* admit to any GUILT. *But,* they also agree that YOOCHUN does like 'look guilty' in certain ways, based on the CRIME INVESTIGATION and the PROSECUTOR evaluation of that. And so, YOOCHUN does like agree to PAY A FINANCIAL FINE in order to avoid a *possible* TRIAL and JAIL TIME that could result from a GUILTY finding. Which, that type of 'deal' is *exactly* what KIM HYUN JOONG did it. With regard to KHJ's "Martial Arts Demonstration" that went 'accidentally' wrong (as KHJ *claims* it). NO IDEA if for YOOCHUN that the *same* kind of 'deal' might be 'on the table' for YOOCHUN with regard to SOLICITING PROSTITUTION charges against him. NO IDEA *if* that kind of 'deal' could even be *offered* to YOOCHUN by the PROSECUTOR in this situation. I am NOT really clear that a TRIAL is to the advantage of YOOCHUN in this matter. IF there is a 'deal on the table' that lets YOOCHUN 'slide out' from under all of this with just a MONEY FINE and NO JAIL TIME, and he does NOT take it, THEN my *guess* would be that the TRIAL JUDGE is *not* going to be 'liking' YOOCHUN very much. COURT TRIALS are EXPENSIVE and TIME consuming. And all over the 'clever' behavior of 'Toilet Bowl' YOOCHUN; who just NEEDED his HOOKERS.

teleri krell Monday, July 18, 2016

Krell!!!! WHY are you bringing up KHJ here? He was not found guilty of intentional assault. He was find because both Choi & KHJ said he'd caused the rib injury WITHOUT determining the way it happened!!!! TRY to understand that! I have no idea what the penalty in SK might be for solicitating (paying for a prostitute). Maybe it is a fine - seems to me that with the prevalence of prostitution there, it might only be a fine. I wonder, if Yoochun's buddies paid for her, he could still be considered guilty of solicitation? LOL Personally I feel this will end in fines all around, & possibly criminal charges against that first girl & her BF & relative - and even the owner of that club.

krell teleri Monday, July 18, 2016

The *only* reason that I mention KIM HYUN JOONG here, is that he *DID* 'do a deal' with the PROSECUTOR. Where KHJ paid a FINE (MONEY) and the CRIMINAL CHARGES were DROPPED by the PROSECUTOR (via agreement with Ms. CHOI too) and NO TRIAL TOOK PLACE. That SAME type of 'deal' MIGHT be 'put on the table' to YOOCHUN by the PROSECUTOR here too? But I have NO IDEA if such a 'compromise deal' like that would be possible under a CRIMINAL PROSTITUTION CHARGE situation? With BLACKMAIL CRIMINAL CHARGE, it is NOT LEGAL under S.KOREAN Law to do a 'deal' where you PAY MONEY and the CRIMINAL CHARGE 'goes away' by agreement. I will GUESS that a 'deal' for YOOCHUN on this PROSTITUTION CHARGE is possible. Where YOOCHUN does NOT ADMIT GUILT (same as KHJ), YOOCHUN pays a MONEY FINE (as did KHJ), and the CHARGES ARE DROPPED (same as KHJ). NO IDEA *if* the PROSECUTOR would make YOOCHUN such an offer; I will GUESS that he would. Who wants a TRIAL over YOOCHUN's 'scummy' TOILET BOWL antics anyway? NOT YOOCHUN, would be my guess on it.

krell teleri Monday, July 18, 2016

S.KOREAN COURTS seem rather BIG on getting some kind of admission from someone like YOOCHUN that they *DID* do something wrong somehow. BEFORE they agree to 'do the deal' where YOOCHUN 'gets off' with LESS PUNISHMENT than some might wish on him ... ;-) ... NOT sure what the PROSECUTOR or the COURT JUDGE might want from YOOCHUN overall.

teleri krell Monday, July 18, 2016

I think Yoochun's case is a lot different than KHJ's - in that KHJ could admit to causing an injury ACCIDENTALLY. I can't see Yoochun being able to do that LOL He either did or did not use a prostitute. Now, if he can't be charged w/solicitation if his FRIENDS paid for her, well, that might be something he could finagle a deal with. I don't really know.

krell teleri Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I can see YOOCHUN *claiming* that it is ALL just an "ACCIDENTAL MISUNDERSTANDING" somehow. As to whether the PROSECUTOR will offer YOOCHUN some kind of 'deal' where YOOCHUN *avoids* having to admit any GUILT, and *avoids* a TRIAL, and just pays a MONEY FINE to 'settle' his "ACCIDENTAL MISUNDERSTANDING" ... I guess we will find out soon enough. Regardless of what happens with YOOCHUN, I think that it is now MORE CLEAR to K-pop Fans as to the kind of *private* person that he is. So, to me, having YOOCHUN pay a FINANCIAL FINE would be enough. IF some of the women who COMPLAINED about YOOCHUN feel that they were RAPED, it is SAD that nothing much can be done about it. But, in my view, the options of the PROSECUTOR are fairly LIMITED in this YOOCHUN situation. It makes NO SENSE to bring a COURT TRIAL when the ODDS of winning are VERY SMALL. Which, I do think that is the reality of it. On the other hand, IF YOOCHUN chooses to NOT 'take the deal' of paying a FINE, and NO GUILT ADMISSION; *then* you *might* have a situation where the PROSECUTOR decides to BRING A TRIAL on PROSTITUTION SOLICITATION charges. Even IF you LOSE, you get TESTIMONY in COURT as to 'Toilet Bowl' YOOCHUN being *NOT* exactly a 'nice man.' ... ;-)

Jarhon (Banned) Saturday, July 16, 2016

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GambitSkye  Jarhon (Banned) Sunday, July 17, 2016

He PROMISED to pay an amount that is WAY different than having intimate activity with someone whether you like that person or not. He did not refuse it because he was afraid of breaking the law,it is BECAUSE he knew what he was doing and refused to pay the woman. And before you insult Koreans learn first what this LAW is about.

Jarhon (Banned) Saturday, July 16, 2016

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

bannedtroll (Banned) Friday, July 15, 2016

He sucks!

wlswnpearl Friday, July 15, 2016

I'm surprised the police is being this proactive. Must be for a coverup. (I'm not saying he shouldn't be persecuted or anything. its usually not this forceful though.) Sucks that he out of all the top stars had to take the hit. from the comments below, i'm guessing its coverup for the LOTTE scandal. please follow that as much as you're following this. to be fair and not fall into the scheming of the corporates.

ccrush wlswnpearl Saturday, July 16, 2016

Even if it connects with this biggest group at first he needs to have shady past or real time situation. One doesn't exclude the other. And by the way... it's useless to follow lotte group scandals. Big companies are all connected to government.

wlswnpearl ccrush Sunday, July 17, 2016

yea. unfortunately.. better than not tho right? '~'

missdi Friday, July 15, 2016

Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment side disclosed their official stance: “The prostitution charges are not true”. C-JeS side said, “First, we would like to communicate our deepest apologies to everyone in regards to the criminal case of Park Yuchun, a singer and actor belonging to C-JeS,” and, “As confirmed in Gangnam Police Station’s official announcement, we would like to clearly let the fact of Park Yuchun’s acquittal be known that the suspicions of sexual assault brought up during this time toward him are all entirely baseless”. Continuing they conveyed, “In addition, although there is the course of action where the police side has proffered prostitution charges on Park Yuchun, we cannot accept this portion in no way since it is completely a different thing than the truth. We have to clearly state once again there is absolutely no truth in Park Yuchun having committed a prostitution act. For this portion, we will be appealing for the explicit truth and difference while cooperating as much as possible in the prosecution investigation in the future”. Also they added, “Due to the various articles and tabloids based on unconfirmed false facts all the while, the nature of the investigation got distorted in most parts and we are expressing our deep regrets toward everybody of this nation due to this. Our company are responding to the false allegations after the complainants had made false accusations and are planning on taking strong legal actions, with a libel suit and such, later on. In addition we will be strongly responding to with a criminal prosecution of defamation and an action for a damage suit from henceforth about anything reported to sensationalize without the process of verifying one-sided opinions of the opposite party and broadcasts thoughtlessly reporting as if the false information that lacked confirmation are really factual”. Furthermore they finished their address with, “Park Yuchun is deeply apologetic once again to have been implicated in a shameful thing in the middle of his public service term and will be self-reflecting for the remaining time of his term ahead. However our company would like to have the facts set straight, through legal actions, about our company and the human rights and honor of our entertainer who’s affiliated getting damaged, on the grounds that there has been unconfirmed informations reported despite the investigation is ongoing”.

fairypanda Friday, July 15, 2016

never play with sin, it will backfired at you

cheriebunny Friday, July 15, 2016

To be expected, they were all technically "adult workers" as they say there, but the fact that he didn't pay is actually something that in Korea everyone knew, I'm surprised it was not reported in the international news sites, but it was in Korea, everyone knew this, and everyone knew that even if the sexual assault part was not able to be proven he would still be charged with prostitution. He was at a booking bar after all aka a prostitution bar. No one goes to a booking bar to just drink. The comment section is full of naive children XD

krell cheriebunny Sunday, July 17, 2016

You make some *good* points. Which, IF the PROSECUTOR does offer YOOCHUN a 'deal' where he does NOT admit GUILT, PAYS A FINE, and NO JAIL TIME; I would *guess* that YOOCHUN should *seriously* consider to TAKE THAT DEAL. Otherwise, with a TRIAL, my guess is the JUDGE will *know* that YOOCHUN rejected a *reasonable* 'deal offer' from the PROSECUTOR. And now, the JUDGE is 'stuck with' an EXPENSIVE and NEWS MEDIA CIRCUS type TRIAL. And all over 'Toilet Bowl' YOOCHUN, and his NEED FOR HOOKERS! ... ;-)

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