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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 11

By jubilantj   Thursday, May 26, 2016   6,032   547   1



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SO MUCH FEEEEEEELZ. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Though the drama still may not be the best, I admit the 11th episode contained some touching scenes that almost made me cry...almost.

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The major happenings were that Ddanddara held their very first fan meet, Yeon Soo revealed to the world that he is a father, and that Jinu came out as the culprit in the rape of Lee Ji Young. We also learn some crucial information about the mysterious Jo Sung Hyun, Jo Ha Neul's older brother, who we didn't know much about. The most important thing we learned about Sung Hyun is that his death was the result of suicide and that his songs were stolen by K-Top. What's more, Seok Ho (who was Sung Hyun's best friend) was the person who handed over Sung Hyun's songs to K-Top. 

My face at the scenes of Geu Rin and Seok Ho. 

As this whole plot was being unveiled, all I could think was, how did Seok Ho miss that Lee Joon Seok gave him the slip and presented Sung Hyun's songs to his own artist, namely Choi Joon Ha? If the album was so popular that it transformed K-Top into a powerhouse, then wouldn't have Seok Ho heard the songs and wondered, "Hey, these were songs that my friend composed! Why is some other tool singing to his tunes??!" Of course, there is the possibility that Seok Ho never bothered to listen to the tracks himself and just handed them over to Lee Joon Seok in the hopes that he will recognize Sung Hyun's talent. Or these is the possibility that I'm missing something here...


My guess is that Seok Ho handed the songs over to Lee Joon Seok without telling anyone, not even Sung Hyun, and Lee Joon Seok snatched up the golden opportunity to slide the goodies over to his own artist for some big bucks. Seok Ho, having no idea that he unintentionally betrayed his friend, probably ended up hurting Jo Sung Hyun rather than helping him. And Sung Hyun, not aware that Seok Ho delivered his songs to Lee Joon Seok with good intentions, begrudged Seok Ho so much that he offed himself. 

And even more feeelz...

As I watched this episode, I couldn't help but realize that Seok Ho did the exact same thing to that producer in the first episode that Lee Joon Seok did to Sung Hyun. Lee Joon Seok's actions were reflected in those of Seok Ho: both of their selfish actions resulted in the inadvertent death of someone.  

Moving on, I'm still in disbelief over how popular Ddanddara became in such a short amount of time. They gained a good following of fans, despite the fact(s) that they have only released one song (which is just a generic pop rock song that sounds more like a Christian hymn), that they hail from a no-name agency, that they are going up against the most powerful agency in K-Pop, and that they are involved in a scandal...a rape scandal at that. Yes, Ha Neul's name was cleared but the damage was already done, and some people in the public always hold on to the stubborn belief that he is a so-called rapist. If this was actually realistic, then Ddanddara would have started off in small Hongdae clubs, and slowly moved up until they landed bigger gigs. But as it's just a drama, I've realized it's not realistic to expect a very real representation of what the entertainment industry is like. 

FEEELZZ EVERYWHERE. Oh, hey, that's Chan Hee's Mum. 

And thank goodness there was not much awkward romance between Seok Ho and Geu Rin! The episode focused more heavily on Ddanddara's growth and struggles, and though a bit unrealistic, I appreciated it more than whatever cheesy and unnatural chemistry that it tries to shove in my face. I always feel a more fatherly kind of vibe in his affections toward Geu Rin, and I am actually wishing that Ha Neul would just confess his feelings already as he and Geu Rin make for a more convincing couple. 


Plot: 7

Cinematography: 7

Pacing: 6


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Raksiam11 Thursday, May 26, 2016

you only almost cried??? Have you no soul??? :-)



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