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Netizens speculate Umji's hiding her face on stage after comments about her 'ugliness'

G-Friend's Umji has been the target of mean, at times vicious, comments about her 'ugly' outward appearance. This witch hunt led netizens to speculate that the idol has started purposely hiding her face on stage to hide her 'ugliness.'

A netizen uploaded screen shots from G-Friend's recent performance of "Rough" on March 29, specifically screen shots focusing on Umji and just how uncomfortable she looks. The idol does look like she is keeping her head lowered throughout the song, and her hair covers most of her face. That Umji's discomfort in the spotlight is due to people criticizing her for being 'ugly' is not certain--it's just what netizens have noted.It could simply be that Umji was tired or just having a case of the bad hair day.

However, the uncertainty of why Umji looked uncomfortable on stage didn't stop the netizens from arguing. The comment section was a war zone as usual, with people coming to the defense of Umji or attacking her. Netizens wrote, "Then you're saying that it's obvious she should get hate comments? lololol hey, people, leaving hate comments is a problem in and of itself," "I'm not trying to side with Umji but I seriously got goosebumps reading here that she deserves the hate comments," "How did this chick end up in a girl group again?" "You're pretty so please don't hide your face.." "Honestly, she's not pretty but she's so cute and got character. G-Friend as a whole is not a very pretty group..rather than the girls in the center who are pretty 'just the right amount,' Umji catches my eye a lot more and she looks like she got a personality. The group's power youth concept is what's appealing, not their looks so I don't know why people are trying to bring the poor girl down," and, "I'm an Irene fan but my heart ached after seeing this..Umji didn't want people to compare her with Irene so she hid behind Irene...she's doing her best so let's not hurt her... (look below)"

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160126 performance

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The internet should not become a place to dump any and all hateful comments against others, their ideas or their opinions. It is okay to agree to disagree so we need to keep the internet a peaceful land positive place.


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