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J.Y. Park apologizes for nationality controversy + TWICE's Tzuyu releases official apology video

J.Y. Park, TWICE, Tzuyu

With the ongoing controversy surrounding TWICE Tzuyu's nationality, J.Y. Parkhas come forward to apologize. The JYP Entertainmenthead gave an apology to Chinese fans who were offended, and Tzuyu has also released an official apology in video form.

It seems that the backlash from Tzuyu's nationality being listed as Taiwanese instead of Chinese on her teaser image as well as the TWICE member's display of the Taiwanese flag has been big enough for J.Y. Park to apologize. The CEO posted the following letter on JYPE's official website:

"Firstly, I sincerely apologize to the Chinese fans who were hurt. I'm most regretful and apologetic about not taking this incident more seriously and so are the company staff and the young Tzuyu.

I've realized that when working with another country, you must understand the country's regulations, culture, history, and citizens' feelings. This all has been a big lesson for our company and company artists, and we'll do our best so that this doesn't happen in the future.

I'm very hurt by the fact that the Chinese fans, who've supported me, my company, and the company artists, were disappointed and given cause to worry. I promise that we will heal your hurt feelings, and we'll try our best to make it up to you by contributing to Chinese-Korean relations as well as cultural exchange.

For the past few days, Tzuyu has felt, realized, and reflected on many things. She left her home at the young age of 13 for Korea, and I think that me and my company are at fault for not teaching her well in place of her parents. We'll be putting a stop to all of Tzuyu's promotions in China, and we will resolve the matter for any of our partners who've been affected."

Tzuyu herself also made an apology video as can be seen below. In the video, the TWICE member apologizes, saying she should've done so earlier. She also declares that China is one, Taiwan is part of China, and that she is proud to be a Chinese citizen. Tzuyu further apologizes for causing harm to netizens and her agency as a Chinese person who's working abroad, concluding that she will refrain from promoting in China and look back on her mistakes.

What are your thoughts on J.Y. Park's letter?

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