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Vernon and Andup go face to face on third episode of 'Show Me the Money 4'

If you have been following 'Show Me the Money 4 (SMTM 4)' you will already know that under rapper Andup had singled out Seventeen's Vernon as the contestant that he would like to battle in the third round auditions. 

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In the last episode, Andup had thrown harsh attacks at all the 'idol rappers' and was especially critical towards Seventeen's Vernon. He said, "Among all the contenders he was the one with the least skill and I don't understand how he passed. I called him out to humiliate him." Vernon didn't back down as he responded with, "I was dozing off from being too tired and didn't properly hear his rap. I'll just prove myself," showing his resolve. 

There has been beef between the two ever since. Andup said before his performance on the last episode, "I don't like it that [Vernon] did for fun. I really hate it. From what it sounds like his agency probably told him to just give it a go since there is nothing to lose. I don't like it that he underrated the show," giving his reasoning as to why Vernon rubbed him the wrong way. 

So things were set up nicely for the July 10 episode of 'SMTM 4' as Vernon and Andup engaged in a diss battle for the third round of auditions. Unfortunately, the judges weren't too impressed by either of them. San E said, "I think I just wasted my time watching this," and Zico said, "Andup did worse than the last round." 

Tablo gave his bit with, "These instances are the most regretful. But someone has to pass," deliberating between the two contestants. Jinusean criticized, "I don't want to take either of them anywhere." 

In the end, Andup was the one to pass on to the next round. 

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