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Jang Dong Min's past derogatory comments about women may ruin '6th man' chances?

Jang Dong Min
Comedian Jang Dong Min's past comments about women have come to light.

Jang Dong Min used to have the podcast 'Dreaming Radio with Ongdalsaem' along with comedians Yoo Se Yoonand Yoo Sang Moo. On the show, he talked about how stylist and said how she bad at her job, saying, "I want to hit her on the head with a hammer", and "F*ck. I want to ship her intestines to her parents and make them eat it." The particular segment was deleted because the listeners were uncomfortable listening to such words.

However, he also said, "Women are stupid, so they lose to men in terms of their brains." When Yoo Sang Moo said that was derogatory, he answered, "No, they're really stupid."

Another problematic comment he made on the show was, "When I was in the army, there was a soldier who ranked below me that inflicted self-harm because I was so bad to him. When I asked why he tried to die, he told me, 'I'm having such a hard time because of you'. So I kicked him in the chin with my boots."

While some are saying he was just exaggerating to be funny and it should not be problematic because it was a podcast instead of a regulated broadcast, others aren't so sure. His issue is especially problematic because he was one of the most likely candidates as the sixth 'Infinity Challenge' member, aka "the 6th man", but now with these comments in the spotlight, it is unlikely that he will be chosen.

What do you think about his comments?

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