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Yoon So Hee surprises with talk about her parents' strong opposition to her acting career

Yoon So Hee

Actress Yoon So Hee (who is super lovable in 'Let's Eat' by the way, but is sadly not in the sequel) appeared on tvN's 'Taxi' on March 24 as one of the three intelligent actresses they invited for the special. She attends KAIST, which is one of the top research institutes in South Korea that specializes in science and engineering. Yeah, she might have played a sweet ditz in 'Let's Eat', but she's actually a genius! Pretty much.

Sadly, she revealed on the show that she had to deal with a lot of opposition from her parents when she set her heart on acting -- to the point that her parents even contacted her agency (she is currently under SM Entertainment) and warned, "Do not contact our daughter."

Yoon So Hee revealed she only thought about going to KAIST, but had no other plans for her future. Her love for acting started when she was young and she had wanted to send an application so she could pursue this, but her mother was displeased. She then believed her mother's words that she would be allowed to do whatever she wanted once she entered university, keeping her dream alive for when the time came.

However, even when Yoon So Hee entered college, her mother said, "But you came so far," and worried greatly. In order to achieve her dreams, Yoon So Hee would travel back and forth between Seoul and Daejun in order to study acting in the former and attend school in the latter.

Finally, on October 3, she met with the managing director and company to talk about her work and entered the company as a trainee. Even after she started working, however, her parents continued to be severely against her decision. Yoon So Hee denied she felt any burden regarding school, but that she worried she might cause inconveniences there.

Talk about a hard worker! We're glad to see her in the acting sphere though, aren't we?

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