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Winning Insight M's CEO apologizes for physically abusing Ryu


Following the announcement of Ryu's leave from MR.MR, Winning Insight M released another announcement in response to Ryu's claim on Twitter that he had been physically abused by the staff. 

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On March 6, the CEO of Winning Insight M released a letter to MR.MR fans on the company's fan cafe:

"This is the CEO of Winning Insight M. I apologize for worrying you guys with issues regarding Ryu. 

There were a couple of things that Ryu mentioned, but we will leave that to the laws of the court and their strict standards discussing the right and wrong. If the company or I have done something wrong, then we will accept the charges. On the other hand, if it is the other way around, we will ask [him] to take responsibility. 

For now, we will talk about the physical assault that everyone is curious and worried about. The process I will not address because our thoughts are different, but in regards to the 'arm-sized file' that Ryu described is much different from the actual file. The file is just a regular paper-thin, vinyl file that doesn't cause any impact. It is true that I hit Ryu twice with this paper-vinyl file. 

And because of this, Ryu filed a lawsuit against me, the company CEO. The picture below is the paper vinyl file that was confirmed as proof by the police. Ryu lost consciousness, his ear bled after getting hit by the item below, and he claimed that it was a arm-sized file. 

Of course, no matter what the reason may be, it is wrong to hit another person and for that I am deeply reflecting on my actions. I will also be given other punishments in regards to the situation. However, I don't think its right to claim that a paper vinyl file with only two A4 papers inside was an arm-sized file or a weapon of fear. 

It is saddening and disappointing that Ryu is taking it this far.

I would also like to add because there seems to be some misunderstanding. 

Ryu left the group 'MR.MR' on his own. After the assault lawsuit with Ryu, Ryu's mother came to the company and expressed that Ryu didn't want to continue promoting with MR.MR, then proceeded to charge me, the company CEO, for assault. 

Even after that, in order to amicably figure out the situation, we requested that Ryu come to the office; other company staff members attempted to persuade up to now, but because Ryu didn't comply, the company had to inevitably write such announcement for the sake of MR.MR's comeback and their future promotions.  

I hope there are no more misunderstandings and please refrain from bringing up speculations that have not yet been proven to be true." 

As it was previously reported, Ryu is consistently updating his side of the story via Twitter, claiming that the actual reason for his leave was due to physical assaults and the harsh conditions he was put through while being a part of the group. 

Ryu is the third member to leave MR.MR.

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