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Posted by mssylee Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tae Jin Ah continues to deny rumors about gambling hundreds of millions of won

Tae Jin Ah, Eru
A press conference was held in regards to a recent rumor and allegations of trot king Tae Jin Ah gambling away hundreds of millions of won during his trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

In response to the initial report, Tae Jin Ah had quickly came forward and denied the rumors. Then, when Sisa Journal USA stated that they will be releasing a follow-up article, Tae Jin Ah decided to hold a press conference in an attempt to defuse the rumors. Throughout the press conference, the singer continued to claim innocence while appealing to people's emotions.

In addition to his own personal statement, Tae Jin Ah came prepared with various evidence and witnesses to prove his innocence, including a video statement from a witness, a phone call to the general manager of the casino, and a recording of the CEO of Sisa Journal USA demanding money and valuables in exchange for not releasing the reports.  

First, Tae Jin Ah started off by stating, "The visit [to the casino] was just a part of a family trip to America. I didn't gamble away hundreds of millions of won; I feel very wronged. The week trip was like a dream to my family. When I lived in America in the past, I was jealous of the families who were vacationing, so, in celebration of my birthday, we went on a family trip and we [gambled] for fun."

In the midst of the press conference, it was reported that Tae Jin Ah showed tears as he talked about the rumors of his son, Eru, being a part of his gambling spree and asked the media to only report the truth.  He said, "My son Eru didn't gamble. How can such thing be brought up as a subject of criticism on media and broadcast... He went around and only took pictures; he never gambled. Why do you make my family's life harder with groundless reports?" 

The general manager of the casino vouched for the trot singer through a direct phone call: "I believe that you should be punished if you've done something wrong, but from what I've actually seen and experienced, Tae Jin Ah never did anything wrong. I question the validity of the information received from a casino worker. When I read one of the interviews, I didn't think it was anyone who worked in a casino. I promise you that Tae Jin Ah did not gamble away hundreds of millions of won.

Tae Jin Ah then made a bold statement, "Whatever the reason, I apologize for troubling those who have given undeserving love all these years. I will never even look at a casino again," due to the amped up emotions from the controversy.

Lawyer Kwon, the legal representative of Tae Jin Ah, also revealed during the press conference that they are in the process of filing criminal and civil suits against Sisa Journal USA and are ready to hand over evidence to the investigation team later that day.

As it was previously stated, gambling is in large part illegal in Korea with a very negative view by many regarding the activity. Despite this happening in America, gambling--and with such large amounts--could have a negative impact on a social level back in Korea.

Meanwhile, a reporter from Sisa Journal USA sat for an interview, stating that he saw the trot singer bet away an immense amount of money at a VIP room at an 'H' casino in Los Angeles and even received threats from the singer prior to releasing the report. 

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