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Posted by Pakman18 pts Thursday, March 12, 2015

Korean actors and their Hollywood Counterparts

Shin Se Kyung, So Ji Sub, Park Shin Hye, Hyun Bin, Kim Sae Ron, Won Bin, Lee Bo Young, Cha Seung Won, Jang Dong Gun, Park Seo Joon, Go Hyun Jung
Sometimes when words fail you, it's easy to explain your favorite Korean actor/actress to your friends as the "Korean version" of a global, Hollywood star. But ever wonder what your favorite Korean actor/actress would actually be like if they competed in a film industry across the world? 

Here are our guesses! 11 Korean actors and their Hollywood counterparts, let's go.


Won Bin ? Brad Pitt

Of course we can't help but pair up these heartthrobs together! While Won Bin is worshipped in Korea for his eternally good looks, Brad Pitt was once known as the resident Hollywood hottie, especially during his glory days. Now, they're both respected veterans in their respective industries and can still look mighty fine with some primping. 

So Ji Sub ? Christian Bale

Extremely versatile actors, So Ji Sub and Christian Bale dominate when it comes to taking on all kinds of acting challenges. Extremely passionate about their roles, they'll go to any lengths to embody their roles. They also have 4D streaks to them that we have all somehow come to accept--from So Ji Sub's unique yet endearing taste in red carpet fashion to Bale's initially strange yet iconic Batman voice. 

Lee Bo Young ? Anne Hathaway

Two of the most elegant and poised actresses, Lee Bo Young and Anne Hathaway can be comparable for their talent and their ability to deliver a emotional punch to viewers' hearts whenever they cry. Aside from their serious projects, they're also experts in comedy and know how to make an audience laugh, whether it's with some sassy 'tude or just a clumsy faceplant to the floor.

Park Seo Joon ? Joseph Gordon Levitt

Just look at those two baby-faces! Super dorks, Park Seo Joon and Joseph Gordon Levitt can light up any big or small screen with their humor. Starting off with playing the awkward guy, they've matured into their roles as sweet gentlemen. They're no dismissible, comedic side characters though. They play dependable characters who will step up to the plate and play the hero if need be. 

Go Hyun Jung ? Meryl Streep

Legendary actresses in their respective circles, Go Hyun Jung and Meryl Streep are women heralded for their skill and impressive repertoire. With their superior veteran statuses, it's no wonder that everyone around them gets intimidated. Even when they play their villains they send chills whether Go Hyun Jung owns as the cackling Mishil or Streep dominates as her role as Miranda Priestly. 

Kim Sae Ron ? Dakota Fanning

With their ethereal, elfish looks, Kim Sae Ron and Dakota Fanning both came to the public's attention at a very young age for their surprising talent. Still young and on the rise, Kim Sae Ron and Fanning definitely have a similar vibe to them as they transition into adulthood and keep their reputations relatively clean and centered on their acting careers. 

Hyun Bin ? Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, you know what these guys are made of? Boyfriend material. When it comes to rich assholes or just dopey boys in love, Hyun Bin and Ryan Gosling can do both. A girl's chick flick fantasy come to life, Hyun Bin and Gosling make all the ladies swoon for decades with their boyish looks and charm. I mean, have you seen these guys suited up? Dayum. 

Shin Se Kyung ? Scarlett Johansson

This may come as a bit of a stretch. In terms of acting roles, Shin Se Kyung and Scarlett Johansson are not very alike. In terms of curves, these women have it all. With rockin' bods known to weaken the wills of all mankind, these women collect handfuls of stares all the time for their looks alone. 

Cha Seung Won ? Mark Wahlberg

These two men are the epitome of "manly." Buff and stoic, Cha Seung Won and Mark Wahlberg have the look of a serious action hero, but can also pull off unexpectedly fun and wacky roles. 

Park Shin Hye ? Emma Watson

Absolute sweethearts, these two women are adored by the public for their lovely, princess looks yet humble personas. Starting off as child actresses, both Park Shin Hye and Emma Watson have won the public over with their innocent yet down-to-earth roles, maintaining their fresh and sweet image.

Jang Dong Gun ? George Clooney

Last, but certainly not least, Jang Dong Gun has often been compared to George Clooney by the Korean media simply for aging well. While they may not necessarily act in similar roles, Jang Dong Gun and Clooney definitely give off a similar vibe of having experience and maturity as veterans, and are still lookin' hot at their age. 

What do you guys think? Do you agree? What other match-ups can you think of?

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