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Posted by Pakman Friday, January 16, 2015

Gaon Chart releases overview summary of 2014

AOA, A Pink, B1A4, B.A.P, B2ST, Taeyang, Block B, CNBLUE, EXO, INFINITE, JYJ, Soyu, Girls

We're well into the first month of 2015, but 2014 can't entirely come to a close without an overview! Gaon has released a summary of the year 2014, comparing and contrasting digital and album sales for artists, distributors, and labels. 

Check out the summarized data below! 

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Digital Single Sales

The graph above compares and ranks some of the top digital singles of 2014 according to sales. Soyu and JungGiGo's collaborative single "Some" scores first place after taking Korea by storm with its addicting tune and concept. Second place goes to Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips," a soulful tune which triggered a chain of covers. Veteran singer Park Hyo Shin rounds up the top three with his single "Wild Flower," making a successful comeback after four years. 

The rest of the ranks go as follows:

1. "Some" - Soyu and JungGiGo

2. "Eyes, Nose, Lips" - Taeyang

3. "Wild Flower" - Park Hyo Shin

4. "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness" - San E and Raina

5. "Meaning of You" - IU

6. "Your Scent" - Gary and Jung In

7. "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" - HIGH4 and IU

8. "Mr. Chu" - A Pink

9. "200%" - Akdong Musician 

10. "Friday" - IU

15. "Empty" - WINNER

18. "Overdose" - EXO

19. "Can't Go to Shinchon" - Postmen

20. "Lost Stars" - Adam Levine

24. "Every Moment of You" - Sung Si Kyung

32. "Miniskirt" - AOA

40. "Happen Ending" - Epik High 

Album Sales

In terms of 2014 album sales, SM Entertainment idols dominated, as first place went to EXO-K with 'Overdose,' second went to EXO-M with their Mandarin version of 'Overdose,' third went to Super Junior's 'Mamacita,' fourth went to TVXQ's 'Tense,' and fifth went to Girls' Generation's 'Mr. Mr.'

The rest of the rankings go as follows:

1. EXO-K's 'Overdose'
2. EXO-M's 'Overdose'
3. Super Junior's 'Mamacita'
4. TVXQ's 'Tense'
5. Girls' Generation's 'Mr. Mr.'
6. JYJ's 'JUST US'
7. INFINITE's 'Season 2'
8. Super Junior's 'The Seventh Album Special Edition'
9. B2ST's 'Good Luck'
10. B1A4's 'Who Am I'
40. Kim Dong Ryul's 'Walking With'
46. Toy's 'Da Capo'
49. Seo Taiji's 'Quiet Night'
56. Lee Sun Hee's 'SERENDIPITY'

Physical Sales Per Artist (Out of Top 100)

The above chart shows the percentage of physical albums sold by each artist out of the top 100. While EXO once again dominated with 18.3% albums sold out of the top 100 artists' albums, Super Junior followed with 7.9%, and TVXQ rounded up the top three with 5.5%. The 31.0% of the graph represents the combined sales of the artists not mentioned separately.

1. EXO 18.3%
2. Super Junior 7.9
3. TVXQ 5.5
5. Girls' Generation 4.1
6. BTS 3.6%
7. B1A4 3.5%
8. VIXX 3.4%
9. B2ST 3.4%
10. GOT7 3.0%
11. JYJ 2.6%
12. A Pink 2.4%
13. B.A.P 2.2%
14. CNBLUE 1.9%
15. Block B 1.9%
16. Other 31.0%

Digital Sales Per Distributor (Out of Top 100)

The above chart shows the percentage of digital singles sold by each distributor out of the top 100. LOEN Entertainment dominates by raking in 49.4% of the sales out of the top 100 distributors. Kt Music follows with 19.2% and CJ E&M follows with 18.6%. 

1. LOEN Entertainment 49.4%
2. Kt Music 19.2%
3. CJ E&M 18.6%
4. Universal Music 8.5% 
5. Neowiz Internet 2.1%
6. Sony Music 1.4%
7. Danal Entertainment 0.8%

Physical Sales Per Distributor (Out of Top 100)

The above chart shows the percentage of physical albums sold by each distributor out of the top 100. Kt Music takes over first place by raking in 51.6% of the sales out of the top 100 distributors. LOEN Entertainment follows with 24.0% and CJ E&M maintains its third place with 12.9%

1. Kt Music 51.6%
2. LOEN Entertainment 24.0%
3. CJ E&M 12.9%
4. Universal Music 7.1%
5. Pony Canyon Korea 3.5%
6. A&G Modes 0.8%

Digital Sales Per Label (Out of Top 100)

The above chart shows the percentage of digital singles sold by each label out of the top 100. YG Entertainment takes the lead in this department, making 12.9% of the digital sales out of the top 100 labels. This is a significant increase from its 5.70% figure from last year. Starship Entertainment is next with 5.4% and LOEN Tree is third with 5.3%. 

1. YG 12.9%
2. Starship X 5.4%
3. LOEN Tree 5.3%
4. Dreamtea Entertainment 4.2%
5. SBS Contents Hub 3.7%
6. FNC Entertainment  3.5%
7. CJ E&M 3.4%
8. Interscope Records 3.2%
9. A Cube Entertainment 3.2%
10. Starship Entertainment 3.2%
11. Other 51.1%

Song Lifespan in the Top 50

Out of the songs that had ranked on the charts at some point in 2014, which ones lasted the longest? According to Gaon, Soyu and JungGiGo's "Some," represented by the red line, ranked high on the charts for the longest. The song was in the top 50 for a remarkable 26 weeks. Second longest would go to San E and Raina's "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness" (blue line), third longest to Park Hyo Shin's "Wild Flower" (green line), and the fourth longest to Postmen's "Can't Go to Shinchon" (yellow line). 

You can compare the 2014 overview with the previous year's overview here

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