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Annoyed with your noisy upstairs neighbor? Korea has a product you can use for revenge


If you have upstair neighbors who won't quit with the noise no matter how many times you complain, then you'd probably be interested in investing in this. On November 24, MBC News introduced something they call a "revenge product," which you can use to counterattack your annoying upstairs neighbor. Fight noise with more noise.

The product is a speaker that you attach to the ceiling. Whenever your neighbors turn into zoo animals and disturb your need for some peace and quiet, you simply turn this baby on and it will scream noisy music at them to give them a taste of their own medicine. 

The product is built so that the majority (around 70%) of the sound is passing through your upstairs neighbor apartment, making it more annoying for them and consequently more pleasing to you.

This sounds awesomely evil, but it's actually legal! While in Korea you're not allowed to incessantly ring doorbells and knock on neighbors' doors to make noise complaints, you can knock on and shout at ceilings. This product takes advantage of that, meaning that mission sweet revenge is on the go. With winter coming and people burrowing in their homes, orders for this machine have tripled. AKA, more people are being deviously amused this cold season.

Netizen comments include, "Wow, there are weird devices such as this that exist? I should go buy one for myself. The floor above me is making me crazy!," "Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," and "A revenge best served... loudly."

'Tis a season for revenge my friends.

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