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Model Lee Ji Yeon & GLAM's Dahee charged with blackmail + Prosecution finds no evidence of an affair between the model & Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun, GLAM, Dahee
Model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM's Dahee, have been charged with blackmailing Lee Byung Hun by the prosecution after the police have forwarded their findings.


The Seoul Prosecutors' Office revealed on the 30th that Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee have been charged with blackmail. The prosecution also pointed out that there is no evidence to support Lee Ji Yeon's claim that she and Lee Byung Hun were dating, and stated, "There is nothing to prove that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon were dating."

According to the prosecution's findings, the three first got to each other on July 1 through the introduction of an acquaintance. They hung out several times after that to enjoy drinks together, and Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee devised a plan to receive either money or a house from the actor. If he refused to give them these things, they would threaten to expose the video they took on July 3 and such.

The two girls also apparently planned on capturing a scene in which Lee Byung Hun and Dahee would be hugging. So last month on the 29th, they called Lee Byung Hun to Dahee's home and Lee Ji Yeon's phone was set up near the sink to capture such a moment. However, a chance for them to hug did not come along, so Lee Ji Yeon, who had been waiting outside, came inside and showed the actor the video they had taken of their lewd conversation and threatened him. Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon brought out two travel bags and asked for 5 billion KRW. However, the actor left and reported them to the police, and on September 1 the two ladies were arrested.

Lee Ji Yeon had also earlier put up on her SNS account before this incident, showing a cosmetics set, wine, and more that were written to have been from 'B' or 'Lee Santa'. With these photos, it was speculated that she and Lee Byung Hun had an affair, but the photos are thought to have been posted so that the two girls could set up this scheme as it's been mentioned that Lee Byung Hun frequently gives gifts to his acquaintances.

The prosecution says both the girls were in need of money because Lee Ji Yeon did not have much coming in from her modeling activities, while Dahee is actually in a situation where she owes her agency 300 million KRW (~284,300 USD), which is presumed to be the training and promotional expenses which she has yet to pay off due to the lack of her group activities.

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