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Lee Bo Young recalls how Ji Sung first asked her out and his romantic proposal event in Spain

Lee Bo Young, Ji Sung

Actress Lee Bo Young appeared on SBS's 'Healing Camp' on March 10 and proved her husband, actor Ji Sung, to be a very smooth and dedicated man in stories related to their romance. �She revealed how he first asked her out and how he ultimately proposed to her in Spain.

She said, "I did not like my husband, Ji Sung, at first so I turned down his confession. While I was meeting with my friends, Ji Sung said he would join and on that day, he wrote a note and put it in my bag. �'I like you' was written on it."

She continued, "I always thought I could not be with another celebrity, so I had a fantasy of being with an ordinary person more than a celebrity. �I told him I would turn him down because he was a celebrity to which he said, 'Then I will give up acting.' �I was tricked," making everyone laugh as Ji Sung has continued to be an actor.�

She said apologetically, "Ji Sung asked me out for three months and I really treated him badly. �I pushed him away, saying I didn't like him." �In the end, the two dated for a long time and decided to marry--however, the official proposal took place in Spain while the two were there for a wedding-themed photo shoot. (In Korea, when people use the term 'proposal', they usually mean some kind of romantic event type of occasion that goes along with the actual proposal, it does not simply mean 'proposal' in the original English sense in which the word simply means to ask someone to marry them.)

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Lee Bo Young said, "I received a proposal in Spain. Before our wedding, we left for a photo shoot in Spain. �We were doing the shoot in front of the hotel we were staying at when a huge amplifier appeared during our break and Ji Sung came out with a microphone to read me a letter.

I was about to grow teary from listening to the letter, but at that moment, he began to sing and my tears went away. �A lot of people were watching from the hotel. �At that time, Ji Sung sang a song I liked, Elton John's 'Your Song'."

In addition, regarding their wedding, Lee Bo Young said, "Truthfully, I didn't get to do any of the preparing for our wedding. �From designing to everything else, Ji Sung did everything for me so I was very grateful."

He seems like a super sweet boyfriend, fiance, and husband! �Lee Bo Young is one lucky girl, don't you think?

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