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Hyosung reveals her dating style + how she acts around crushes

SECRET, Hyosung

SECRET's Hyosung recently held an interview with news outlet Newsen where she revealed she was not the type who could actively express her feelings when in a relationship.  However, in OCN's 'Ghost-Seeing Detective,' she is currently playing the ghost of a high school girl, who has a one-sided crush on the good-looking detective, Min Jae (played by Yoo Min Kyu).  Her character always runs to him saying, "Min Jae oppa."

In relation to this, Hyosung said, "It was embarrassing at first because it's awkward before you get close to someone.  After we got close, I said, 'Wouldn't it be okay to have some romance with a ghost?'  Turned out he could understand a ghost's feelings because he played one in 'The Sun of My Master.'"

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She was then asked whether she ever had a fervent one-sided love and tried to grab attention like her character.  She said, "If you just look at my whole personality, you'd think I'd be the type to really put myself out there, but when I'm actually dating, I'm the mean type . . . What's funny is that if I think someone likes me, from then on, I can't be affirmative.  If a guy I like shows some feelings toward me, I freeze.  The way I see it, I think I get a bit nervous.  That is why I'm disappointed that I was not more active when I dated.  Truthfully, there was never a single time I called somebody first when I was dating him.  You can't date like that, can you?  That must be why I'm single."

She was complimented, however, for being able to get over that bridge in order to portray her character well in the drama.  Hyosung said, "I only have happy memories. I think it's because they all took care of me well.  I had more fun filming after we got close."

You can catch OCN's 'Ghost-Seeing Detective' every Sunday!

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