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Posted by starsung Saturday, November 30, 2013

Suzy reveals she has accumulated 40 endorsement deals and jokes about being a 'dictator type' when dating

Suzy brought laughs with her new gags and shared her dating style on 'Entertainment Relay'!


The reporter met up with Suzy on the set of her photo shoot and asked, "You're doing a lot of endorsement photo shoots these days, right?" Suzy answered, "Yes. I am working hard. How many [advertisements] did I do?... 40? I filmed 40? In total? He said I did 40", surprised at her own count of endorsement deals within the four years since her debut. Suzy shared which endorsement deals she wants to do next, "I want to do one for air conditioners. I love ramen. So I want to do one for ramen."

Suzy also opened up about her sexy pole dancing for miss A's comeback, sharing, "At the practice room, we cover ourselves with patches. Cold patch fashion. But it's fun." The reporter commented on her sexy transformation, "The innocent Suzy has disappeared", Suzy joked, "I should report this [laughs]. Since the beginning, we had a strong concept. Since then, I held in and gathered up my inner [sexiness] and took it out from the inside. Whether it's the poles at a playground or on a bus. I thought a lot about wherever there are poles."

When asked during a dating quiz, "Suzy, what kind of dating style are you?" Suzy drew an 'H' on the board which led to the style, "Dictator type. I'm the style to put myself first in center before my partner", which flustered Suzy as she defended herself. She tried again by drawing out an 'N' which led to the answer, "Although you seem like the angelic type to listen to and think about your partner's point-of-view, but you end up doing whatever you want." Putting all jokes aside, when asked what her real dating style is, Suzy was at a loss for words and hilariously answered, "I... I guess that's correct."

Check out her hilarious gags and more in the interview above! 

Source + Image: TV Report via Nate

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