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KARA's Nicole clarifies her departure from the group on Twitter

By MountainMadman   Sunday, October 6, 2013   360,070   2,395   604



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The possible departure of KARA's Nicole and Jiyoung from the group has set the K-Pop world in turmoil over the past few days with the news that one of its biggest groups may be going through a major shift.

To ease her fans, Nicole posted a long, heartfelt message on Twitter earlier today, outlining some of her reasons behind her decision and plans for the future.

"To my dear Kamilia," she began:

"I'm sorry for making you worry with rumors of our re-contracting and breaking apart ... and for hurting you. But I was also surprised and disbelieving at the fact that my departure and contract issues were publicized, just before our Japanese tour. But I wanted to speak my mind about the matter so I'm going to post it here.

The most important thing ... I started as a KARA member and I want to see the end as a KARA member. But after reading the articles and interviews saying that I would be switched out from KARA since I wasn't up for a contract renewal ... it was very frustrating and confusing.

I think that my renewal debate with DSP Media is not a renewal as a KARA member, but as an artist. Although I may not be an artist under the company, I hope to find a solution where I can continue with the group I've been with since the beginning.

I'm just one person. I don't think that KARA should change, or be broken apart, because of me. So I thought about splitting up my contracts between me as a KARA member and me in relation to the company, split between my private and public life.

I still have a lot of goals. That's why I want to re-make myself, while doing my best within KARA. To do that, I feel that I need time and effort ... that's why I decided to not renew my personal contract with DSP, since I wanted to put that effort into my future.

As KARA, we received much love from Kamilia and want to show a better side of us to you, but as this happening escalates and hurts you ... it hurts me too. I was hurt by the stories about renewals and member changes. I don't think that a single person owns KARA. Since I'm a member of KARA and am responsible for the name, I had the same thoughts as above.

But if everyone and representatives of KARA disagree with me and consider this impossible, I will return to a private person by the name of Jung Nicole.

Regardless of my renewal status with the company, I promise to continue promoting as a KARA member. I do, and always will, love KARA and am happy working as a KARA member ... and the group is such a big part of my life.

Thank you so much to everyone who loves and supports us ..."

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What do you think she means?

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melon Friday, August 28, 2015

Where is she

OBCryu Friday, November 27, 2015

In Korea, promoting as a soloist.

kpopers20 Monday, July 7, 2014

Since the 'KARA Situation' back in 2011, Nicole had been receiving blatant poor treatment from the agency, DSP Media.
You can figure it out by analyzing each of KARA's activities over the past three years. ;Nicole couldn't do any personal activities for three years excluding her MC role in 'Inkigayo' with Hara. ;Before the situation, Nicole took off with 'Star Golden Bell,' became a fixed cast of 'Sunday NIght,' ;attracted the public's attention with 'Introduction to Veterinary Science' and 'Heroes,' ;and ultimately became responsible for the group's mass public appeal along with Hara. ;However, after the situation, she did almost no solo guest appearances and barely appeared on broadcasts. ;Except for 5-member-group schedules, Nicole had no schedules at all. ;Before the situation, she was the most active member on broadcasts ;and even appeared alone to represent KARA on the popular shows like 'Family Outing' and 'Happy Together.' ;However, during the three years after the situation, the only Korean show she appeared alone ;was 'We Got Married,' which was only due to her 91-Line friends. ;Some people argue that the lack of TV appearances was because of her variety-show-phobia ;that she mentioned on 'Do Dream,' but she wrote this on Twitter. ;"I still have lots of goals. (...) that's why since I want to invest for my future, ;I decided to not renew my contract with DSP. "Do you really think a celebrity, who left her ex-agency despite all the risks because of her many goals, ;had denied her individual schedules for three years just because of a phobia? That's totally nonsense. ;Because she was the main dancer of the group, she was the 'center' of Mister and Lupin's choreography, ;had the longest screen time in the MVs, was the most popular among the members, ;and led KARA's peak days by making Mister and Lupin KARA's top hits. ;It was Nicole who made the 'butt dance' a mega-hit dance with her butt-shaking skills that ;experts evaluated even better than that of the choreographer who created the butt dance. ;However, after the situation, Nicole could dance only on the back sides with almost no 'center' ;even though she was the main dancer, and got the least screen time in MVs. ;Even for Nicole's singing parts, MV cameras rarely shot her ;and her parts were mostly full-shots with almost no close-ups. ;Also, she couldn't have ad-lib lines that she usually did before the situation ;because of the similar talents even though she was not a main vocal, ;and couldn't even do all the rap parts that she had to do as the rapper of the group. ;Overall, she became completely ignored.

lachatala Friday, October 18, 2013

lachatala Friday, October 18, 2013

lachatala Friday, October 18, 2013

lachatala Friday, October 18, 2013

Am i the only one who finds her twitter message really ambiguous. She talks about reaches new goals etc. . . could she have stated at least one? It's really hard for me to take this departure when I enjoyed Kara since pretty girl days. I want to sympathize with nicole but how can she expect us to believe she wants to reach her goals as a kara member when she says she has a contract dispute meaning she wants more money. . . at the end of the day, i don't like drama. she is causing more with her contract disputes that caused a stir last year with a lot of tears. I have a weird hunch she doesn't have the best parental guidance. She was basically saying, dsp should keep her as a kara member under contract as she finds her self for i don't know how many years and pay her the same? or is it more? IS she leaving bc she wants to pursue a new mode of entertainment? or is she leaving bc of money? Why can't she be honest and say why she decided to leave? Why nicole would you be suprised that there could be a member change when it has happened to your very own group and brought on the greatest success (Hara and Jiyoung). I enjoy you as a kara member bc you're funny and quite talented. But if you want special treatment. . . then i would rather call you nicole jung. why should you have a special contract? and Hara not? Gyuri not? and word of advice. . . keep the mother away from the media bc she was the reason kara almost broke up bc she is acting like "pseudo manager". obviously nicole's mom is her new manager and the management lacks sense. why even release a twitter message.

StealthPanther1 Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SHE'S NOT LEAVING THE GROUP. ; She clearly stated she still wants to be and will continue to be a KARA members. ; She's just trying be more versatile and i like the idea of spliting contracts. ; PPl just dont blow it out of proportion. ;

StealthPanther1 Tuesday, October 8, 2013

thank you nicole for making it clear. ; im calm now. ; im ok with this change hopefully it works out. ; like she said its up to dsp.

jaceypandakpop18 Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Personally, I don't think it's fair that people are bashing on her for her decision, I know it's sad she's leaving KARA, but she didn't feel complete with DSP Media, and I also don't think it's fair that people are saying she's 'betraying' KARA with her decision, if she was betraying KARA, she never would've said she wanted to always be remembered as a member of KARA at all. ;
KARA5 Will always remain KARA5, but we can't stop their decisions, she wants to expand more as a solo artist and maybe (because I've read) that she wants to come back to the states for school. ;

I love Nicole, she's my bias in KARA aside from Seungyeon, and I fully support her decision, she didn't hurt me at all.

jaceyo17 Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This was from my twitter account, xD Fail.

ausgeoff Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I find it strange that despite the fact that Nicole speaks fluent English, this narrative allegedly written by her has a noticeably stilted feel to it — as though it's been written by a non-native English speaker. ;

It's not quite "chinglish" but a lot of the phraseology is clumsy, and grammatically awkward.

Could it be that this has been scripted for her by somebody else — maybe even one of DSP's ; PR people?

Apart from that, there's too many points in the message that are self-contradictory, and it's not even made clear as to whether she wants to stay with KARA, or leave them and pursue a solo career, or . . . . . ? ;

Is DSP terminating her contract, and if so for what specific reason. ; Or, alternatively, has Nicole decided not to renew her contract with DSP, and would prefer to sign with another agency? ; And is there a financial issue involved here somewhere?

dksoulstice Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

ikpoplolz Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Well she wrote this in korean and allkpop translated it into english. Nicole wants to stay with KARA, she just doesn't like DSP. I think she wants to be in a separate company yet still be a part of KARA. (eg. BEG's Gain) So the other company will take care of her solo activities while DSP will take care of KARA activities. The problem is DSP doesn't agree to a partnership with another company and wants their artists to be "fully" in their company. But they've responded to Nicole's tweet and said that she had never consulted them about this (when obviously DSP themselves never consulted Nicole about revealing her contract status) Most ppl/fans think she's not renewing her contract likely because after the 2011 lawsuit controversy, Nicole disappeared from shows - discriminated by DSP. You can find more information on other articles about this ;_;

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