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Singer Jessica H.o. accused of assaulting a woman

(Jessica H.o.) Jessi

Singer Jessica H.o., who kicked off a solo career in 2005 in addition to serving as the female member of the co-ed group Uptownhas been accused of assaulting a Ms. Choi (32) alongside two of her friends, causing multiple injuries during a brawl that took place at a nightclub in Itaewon.


On May 18th, a fight occurred in the women's bathroom in a club where Korean American and English instructor Ms. Choi allegedly became a victim of assault. Ms. Choi accused Jessica H.o. and her friends, 'L' and 'G', of assaulting her and even trying to stick her head into the toilet.


However, Jessica H.o. is insisting that she only tried to stop the fight between Ms. Choi and her friends, who were visiting Korea from the States.


Jessica H.o. revealed her side of the story saying that she and her friends didn't have anything to drink that night and only ran into Ms. Choi in the bathroom, where they saw her arguing with a foreigner in English. According to Jessica, "Ms. Choi was drunk and she started to swear. She punched my friends' faces and that is when the fight started. I only tried to stop my friends from fighting. I didn't think much of it and let it pass so I am overwhelmed [about the accusations]."


The singer also added, "I am wrongly accused. I've never said foul words or hit [Ms. Choi]. I was only trying to stop the fight. That woman is lying because she knows that I am a singer. I don't know why this is happening and I am really hurt."


Jessica H.o. revealed that it was her friend, 'L' who was involved in the fight and since 'L' is from the States, she has already left Korea. The singer revealed that this altercation was over within seconds and there was absolutely no injury caused to Ms. Choi.


She and Ms. Choi got into contact later on, exchanging several messages with Ms. Choi demanding that Jessica H.o. cover the cost of her injuries. However, Jessica refused, and the two haven't exchanged messages ever since Ms. Choi filed with the police. 


Ms. Choi also expressed her side of the story, saying, "Jessica and her friends tried to put my head into the toilet. I don't even want to imagine what it would have been like if they had succeeded. However, I somehow managed to get away, it seemed like a miracle... When I was about to escape, they made me kneel down and told me, 'We told you not to mess with us. Say you're sorry,' and kept cursing at me. I didn't oblige and just kept asking them to return my handbag. 'G' finally threw my bag and they ran away. There's CCTV footage of them scurrying out, even the club manager said, 'It seemed weird how they were scurrying to get out.'"


Regarding the CCTV footage, Jessica H.o. commented, "There's nothing on the CCTV. You can check it. Even the club owner said that there is nothing there except us entering the club. I've asked the club owner to show the footage to the police."


With their stories being contradicted by one another, the police will be investigating into the matter and bring in Jessica and her friend 'G' in for questioning. 






Source + image(s): Dispatch, Dispatch


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