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CL talks about her solo debut, Lee Hyori, 2NE1's comeback, and more

Lee Hyori, 2NE1, CL

?As we all know, 2NE1 leader CL recently had her solo debut with "The Baddest Female". She recently sat down with Star News for an interview where she talked about Lee Hyori, 2NE1's comeback, the happenings behind her solo debut, and more.


When she was asked about how she was like off stage when she was just hanging out compared to her celebrity persona, she said, "People think I go to clubs often and drink a lot, but to be honest I'm not good at that. I've never really felt that it was fun to go and meet people outside. I have the most fun doing music. Sometimes, I even think that I might be addicted to work. When I'm resting, I like to cook. I think cooking is an art form, too. You have to make something within 2 hours with good ingredients. I've cooked for the members before, and they said it was good. I just hope my future husband enjoys it, too."


On her MV for "The Baddest Female", she said, "Not just [G-Dragon] oppa and Taeyang oppa, but so many people helped me. The atmosphere felt like they were just playing around, having fun instead of working. They just hung around with each other and didn't really pay attention to me. It was fun. When we had a meeting for the music video, I just said, 'come hang out', and they did."


When asked if she wanted to write her own music, she said, "Teddy oppa writes songs so well that I have more fun just expressing it. For me, it's fun to think 'How should I do this?', and 'How would this change with my voice?'. If I get a chance, I want to write a song, too. I think nothing is better than experiencing it yourself when you're learning. So I was always with him when he was writing music. If I'm curious, I'll always ask something."


Of course, she was also asked about dating and her ideal type. She said, "I want to date. I want to write songs when I really feel these things. I don't think it's right to force it. Maybe our CEO is keeping a firm defense, but I haven't met anyone. If I get a chance, I want to date." As for her ideal type, she revealed, "I like someone who I can talk to easily and be comfortable with. I like childish movies like romantic comedies. I don't really want a knight on a white horse. I just want someone who's fun and comfortable to be with. When I asked others who they see me with, they tell me that it's not someone who's Korean. I believe someone good will eventually come along."


As for her future as a solo, she said, "As I've said, I don't want to limit myself as a female rapper but I want to do a variety of things. I'm going to do them all slowly. I like rock and traditional R&B, but my roots were always in hip hop. I've liked it since I was young, and it's still flowing in my blood. No matter what, that's going to be my base." On a possible solo tour, she added, "I'm always dreaming about it. I always imagined an energetic stage that I can communicate with people. I want to do a free stage with just me and the music, and I want to go on a huge stage in terms of stage effects and visuals."

On having a similar concept with Lee Hyori (Baddest Female / Bad Girl), she said, "I used the term 'bad' to mean 'cool'. Sunbaenim's song means probably the same thing. I feel like there are a lot of women who represent that cool vibe, so I'm happy to see it as a female. I hope to see a lot more of it in the future."

She also spoke about 2NE1's comeback, saying, "I'm happy that I can give people my music and 2NE1's music. I think it's a good form of happiness that I can't sleep because I constantly want to show everyone a better side. 2NE1's music is going to be very different from 'The Baddest Female'. It's going to be very 2NE1. Sorry I can't say much more than that."

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