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Junho explains his comment about wanting to shower with his girlfriend

By    Wednesday, May 15, 2013   38,280   16   6



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Junho explained his comment from a few years back about wanting to shower with his girlfriend (you can read about it in our 2011 article here)!

The 2PM boys were guests on 'Radio Star' on the 15th, and while they were talking about romance, MC Yoo Se Yoon asked Junho, "You once said that once you got a girlfriend, you would want to take a shower with her!", and Taecyeon added on, "He wants to take a shower with her in coke."

The MCs were highly amused by this revelation, and didn't let up the chance to tease Junho. Kyuhyun teased, "Do you like the popping sensation?", and Yoon Jong Shin added, "You're going to attract ants."

Junho explained, "Back then, the question asked was, 'What do you want to do if you had a girlfriend right now?'. But that day was really hot, and I blanked out a little and only ended up hearing, 'What do you want to do right now?'" So, he blurted, "I would want to take a shower", much to the shock of his members at the time. Since he happened to be interviewing while endorsing Coca-Cola, the articles that came out regarding the issue had stated, "2PM's Junho wants to take a shower in coke with his girlfriend!".

After much laughter, Yoon Jong Shin asked, "So you don't want to shower with your girlfriend at all?" Junho clarified, "If I have a wife, I'd shower with her." So then the MCs further teased, "So until you get married, you don't want to ever have a shower with your girlfriend? Is that what you're saying? Not even when you're past the age of 30?" Hearing this, Junho brought laughs as he paused before he commented, "I don't know about that."

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jwalkinboice2pm Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lmao so cute uri Nuneo. He knows he'd love to shower w/a girlfriend if he had one. He just can't say it freely. Love how it came out that he'd like to shower in coke w/his gf, lmao wtf? That goes to show you the media blatantly lies. Shameful. ;

justforfunsies Saturday, September 21, 2013


costaloveskpop Saturday, September 7, 2013

hahahahah pure boy, they cornered him xDD

jjangmissa Wednesday, July 24, 2013

vanna_ Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HAHAHA he's so cute! ;

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