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BoM officially disbands with a note from label's CEO to fans

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Vocal group BoM, who debuted with "Without You" in 2011, has officially disbanded.

The label, Y2Y Contents Company, belatedly left a note for all of BoM's fans notifying that the members have gone their separate ways and that the label itself has also decided to close down. The notice was in the group's official fancafe under the 'To Fans' section and read,

Hello.. All the fans who love BoM..

I am the CEO Yoo Byung Sool of the Y2Y Contents Company..

I'm visiting the cafe for the first time in a while... It's not that I didn't want to come in, but that I was scared and I was hesitant...

But now I think it really is time to conclude everything, so I have gathered courage to write this..

I have come in for the first time in a while, but it's nice to see our Sechang, Jisoo, Tagoon, and Yua's bright smiles...

I'm now four years over forty, and I've gone through this and that in life..

As the start is important in the beginning, I believe the end is important as well..

BoM (<----------- I made up this name ^^) began on July 2011 with the many staff's hard work and preparations..

and now we're officially bringing things to a close.

Around this time last year, we were finishing up the 2nd album promotions, and we were preparing for the drama filming and the 3rd album promotions...

But because of the situations of the label and many unfortunate events that happened, BoM is concluding without a third album...

For the past few months, we thought a lot and worked hard to find a different road, but it wasn't easy...

The many family members that stayed with me when I started Y2Y...

Jung Seung, who started the company with me and went through a lot, director Yoon, Shin Kay, deputy head Shin, Jun Sung, deputy head Jang Yeon Hwa, Song Min, Hye Min, So Young, Seok Hoon, Rae Won, Min Ki, Ma Ji, Hee Kyung, Suk Bae, and the many others that were together with us, the workers, the trainees, and the BoM fan club managers, thank you all so much...

Also, I bow my head in gratitude to chairman Geum Byung Geun, Sung Min, department head Jang Bong Young, department head Lee Yoo Mi, department head Song Hye Ran, and department head Choi Jae Yoon...

Lastly, thank you so much to the BoM fans and the overseas fans for supporting them until the end even through difficult times...

The BoM members you must be curious about.... Mm...

I heard Tagoon is preparing for a album at a good label..

Jisoo and Yua are both preparing their album promotions separately.

Sechang was originally an actor, and it seems he'll be focusing on his acting...

I sincerely hope that the Lord will grace BoM and everyone who ran for BoM... ^^

Thank you...

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