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SECRET sends a message to their fans

By    Monday, December 24, 2012   75,928   0   0



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SECRET recently released a video message, which seems to have been taken before their accident.

Hyosung said, "Our SECRET Time!! You're our closest friends. You're our partners and cute friends who are all so kind.. As I've always said, my only wish is to grow old with you friends. We've already gotten 3 years older, so we should just go for... 100 more years. Because of you friends, I get so much strength on stage, and I'm thankful. Let's eat together later! Hehe."

Zinger said, "It's already been 3 years since we met. There are also fans who weren't with us for 3 years, and others who haven't been our fans for too long, but I'm always thankful for every one of you. Uh.. I don't know, but when I get fan letters, my fans tell me they're sorry. I don't know why you guys are sorry, but I always feel that I am being loved no matter how you express it, so you don't have to be sorry. Every time when I'm tired, every one of your words makes me think, 'Ah, that's right! I'm a person who's this loved, right?', and you guys help me feel proud and help me realize what I have to do. Don't worry about me. I'm just someone whose emotions flip flop a lot. I get happy and sad by myself. So when I write something depressing on SNS, don't worry too much about me. I'm a rapper, so I have to write my own lyrics, hehe. I'm just like that. Everyone, I hope you guys will be someone who will support SECRET for years to come like our parents. Please become a SECRET Time who will help us stand tall among the other singers and to have great stages. Everyone, thank you!".

Ji Eun expressed, "Over the last three years, there are so many fans that we memorized both names and faces of. For us, you guys are not fans but like family. I hope we get more family members, and that our current family members can be happy together. Everyone, thank you so much. You know that SECRET exists because of you, right? I love you ^^".

Sunhwa finished by saying, "First, I'm very thankful for our fans. I'm always sorry because I don't communicate with the fans as much as the other members do... Please understand that it's because of how I am and I'm not good at putting things into action. I'm trying my best though, so don't think that I don't know it and I hope you don't misunderstand. So please support us all the time. I'm very thankful because you understand and support us whether we're on variety shows or on stage. I always think that, so everyone shout fighting for us all the time!!".

Check out the video below!

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