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Posted by AKP STAFF Monday, September 24, 2012

SM Entertainment rap instructor JQ reveals Minho's personality + interview


While JQ is not a name most fans hear of in the world of K-pop, he plays an important role in the lives of SM Entertainment artists. JQ is better known as the "idol rap instructor" and works with SM artists to improve and direct their rapping abilities.

Now, he has broadened his horizons beyond a rap instructor, as he works as an artists himself as well as a producer. In his interview with Newsen, he reveals his thoughts on the more difficult times he experienced and his entry into SM.

At first, he stated, it was difficult. All JQ was interested in was making music, but he did not have the money to support himself and had no choice but to work in a factory, where he earned 500,000 KRW a month (about $446 USD). He revealed that he would save 300,000 KRW out of his earnings for his music and eventually was discovered for his take on rapping through a video he created out of the movie 'His Voice'.

He stated, "A UCC video star is not a singer. But at the same time, a UCC star is not a complete amateur either. For every event I worked, I would receive 50,000~70,000 KRW (about $45~$63 USD). I would still live off my factory salary. When I thought about my younger brother, who is employed in a company, I would think to myself, 'When will I start to live normally too?' I was envious of anyone who had a normal, regular lifestyle."

JQ continued, "That's when I received an offer to make the rap segment for SHINee's 'Love Should Go On'. It felt like grabbing on to a piece of straw. I was in a position where I really needed the job."

Feeling the pressure of the job, he worked for 3 days straight on the rap without sleep, saving as much money he could along the way to support himself, as the job would provide the amount of money he would normally earn in a month. As a result of his hard work, his rap segment was selected to be a part of the song.

He stated that he was honored, as he continued, "I was deeply moved. When I was on my way to SM, I kept thinking to myself, 'How can I... How can I...' This was before SHINee debuted, and so I'm sure they were anxious. So was I. I was as anxious as if it were my own first album. I taught them, sweating nervously the entire time. I didn't believe I had the qualifications to teach SHINee how to rap, so I worked even harder. I taught them everything I learned from rapper MC Sniper. I felt bad about it later and apologized to him. He told me it was okay."

JQ's first ties to SM started with SHINee. Naturally, as one of SHINee's rappers, Minho became one of JQ's closest co-workers and friends at SM. JQ stated that they continue to keep in contact lately. When asked if Minho was cool and cold like his unreal looks, JQ revealed what Minho's personality is like.

"Minho has not changed since I first met him. He's like a younger brother to me. He doesn't act like he's a celebrity. He's a very simple person. Right now, he's in the middle of filming SBS's 'To The Beautiful You'. He looks amazing. Through SNS, I said to him, 'Hey you look awesome on TV right now' to which he responded, 'Hyung, you're watching too? As expected'. I think a lot of people really like Minho, like I do. He's a dongseng I can easily call over to the recording studio and have a bowl of jajangmyun (black bean noodles) with."

JQ complimented Minho heavily, also revealing that he taught Minho everything he knows about rapping. Through Minho, JQ explained that he had an easier time getting close to the members of TVXQ.

"Minho is great at writing rap segments. He has a lot of bright ideas and a few genius moments here and there. I was really amazed by the rap he wrote for 'Juliette'. He works really hard, and he doesn't give up on anything when he does his work. Key is also an excellent rapper. He catches on after only hearing a rap segment a few times. All of the members are so talented."

As a fan of original idols H.O.T and Seo Tae Ji, JQ went from someone who listened to their songs to the rap instructor of their junior groups. He is a great example of a self-made person who followed his dreams and worked through his hardships to achieve his goals.

Source + Image: Newsen via Naver

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