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allkpop's Top 10 stories of July!

It's hard to believe that it's already August. Time sure does fly withallkpop!

July was a busy month for everyone, summer has officially started with the hottest K-Pop comebacks. With everything that was going on, you might have missed out on some exciting stories during this month. Don't worry becauseallkpop has got you covered with this handy digest of the10 most popular stories onour site for the month of July!

In July 2012, we published 1,713 stories.Phew! The general trend for this month shows that readers are drawn to drama and scandals.

Without further ado, check out thetop 10 stories of July 2012 below!

10.Two more idol groups suspected of bullying

WithHwayoung's controversy withT-ara coming into public light, the K-Pop industry is now attempting to take a closer look as to where these issues could be stemming from. Unsurprisingly, Hwayoung isn't the only one suffering, as more unnamed groups came forward with their own concerns.


09.T-ara's Hwayoung was responsible for Jiyeon's 'bad attitude'?

An industry insider claimed that a quarrel took place between Hwayoung andJiyeon after Hwayoung did not oblige with their manager who asked the girls to prepare for their stage performance.


08. What is the big announcement from CCM? T-ara breakup? Member kick out?

allkpop reached out to industry insiders to gain more perspective on this matter, and here's what we learned (these are rumors), some of which came true.


07.T-ara's former back-up dancer claims Jiyeon once slapped Hwayoung

The post went viral online, causing much commotion. An alleged back dancer describes in detail of a timeJiyeon had slappedHwayoung across the face. However CCM later announced that the story had been fabricated.


06.Netizens uncover meaning behind T-ara Hyomin's Twitter profile picture

T-ara'sHyomin changed her Twitter profile picture on July 28 to a partial screencap with cut-off words. Netizens, however, soon uncovered the entire picture and meaning of Hyomin's new profile picture.


05.Hwayoung strikes back on Twitter

FollowingCore Contents Media's announcement ofHwayoung leaving the groupT-ara, Hwayoung posted a quick sentence on Twitter that seemed to summarize her thoughts on the matter.


04.CCM reveals the dark side of Hwayoung, mudslinging ensues

Following their announcement regarding thetermination ofHwayoung's contract,Core Contents Media recently revealed some ofHwayoung's unacceptable behavior in the past,furthering themudslinging.


03. SHINee's Jonghyun locks lips with fellow member Taemin?

While performing on stage, memberJonghyun made an unexpected move by passionately grabbing maknaeTaemin by his hair, and continued to tease fans by almost landing a kiss.


02.[BREAKING] CCM announces Hwayoung will leave T-ara

T-ara'sparent companyCore Contents Media announced that one of its members,Hwayoung, will be leaving the group.


01. T-ara/Hwayoung Controversy: Cliff Notes Edition

Over the weekend,T-ara has been the hot topic throughout the world of K-Pop, causing many fans to worry. Fans' worst fears were confirmed whenCCM (Core Contents Media) announced thatHwayoung would no longer be a part of T-ara. The Cliff Notes edition goes through the unfolding of the drama from start to finish.

And that wraps up this edition of allkpop's Top 10 Stories of July 2012. Stay tuned for the next digest at the end of August!


*Note: Top 10 stories are generated by reader view counts.

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