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John Park reveals the inspiration for his album 'Knock' was loneliness

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John Park has confessed that he felt left behind after his fellow contestants from 'Superstar K2' began to promote new music. The singer and finalist of 'Superstar K2' just came out with a new album entitled 'Knock', a release long overdue since many expected him be one of the first to debut.

John Park explained, "After the audition program, it took a long time for me to adjust. The entertainment industry was harder to get used to than Korea itself. Despite being able to start something I've always wanted to do, I wasn't satisfied or happy, so it was hard. It all happened so fast."

John expressed that he felt lonely during his preparation period, especially since his roots are in the States.

"During that time, I received psychological shock; it hurt me that I couldn't just talk about how I felt to anyone. I thought no one would be able to understand. After staying in America and coming to Korea after 9 years, I couldn't find someone to talk to. I stayed at home and wrote my songs then. There were times I stayed home for weeks without talking to anyone. I used to be introverted, but it wasn't as bad as that. I think my personality's changed a bit."

While John was going through rough times, his fellow contestants like Huh Gak, Jang Jae In, and Kang Seung Yoon were appearing on television.

"I did feel anxious. But after a while, that kind of desire went away. I wanted to just be forgotten. I was swept away by the popularity during the audition process... I didn't want to do anything sudden," he said.

"I think the choice to sign with Music Farm after meeting with senior Kim Dong Ryul was the smartest decision I've made. I was also happy that my peers [from Superstar K2] were doing well. It gave me strength that I could do well too."

"Kim Dong Ryul produced my music. He gave me a sense of responsibility, always asking for my opinion on the smallest matters; we always made the decisions together. Of course, I also learned a lot. I think that my ability to express feelings in Korean has improved, which was something I always had a problem with."

John Park's recent single "Falling" was composed by Andy Platts, while John himself wrote the lyrics.

"First and foremost, I wanted the audience and my seniors to get the impression that I was very serious about music. I tried my hardest to receive acknowledgment so I could achieve that." He laughed, "It's true that I first received interest because of my looks. I think it'll become a plus in the future if I make my music faithfully."

As for the feelings of loneliness he combatted during his preparation period, John Park assures that he's doing better now. "My parents are in Korea because of me. I can now see them once a week. At one point, I hated myself, and I was lonely even when I was with people, but I'm trying to change that now. It got a lot better after making music. I think I should love myself a little more now."

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