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MBLAQ's Thunder makes a surprise cameo appearance on 'Padam Padam'


MBLAQ's Thunder caught viewers off-guard by making a surprise appearance on the December 5th pilot episode of new JTBC drama 'Padam Padam'. It was Thunder's first debut as an actor, and he played the role of the older brother of Yang Kang Chil (played by Jung Woo Sung). When Kang Chil receives his death sentence, he has a flashback of some of his life memories, one which included playing by the water with his older brother (Thunder) when he was younger. Thunder's role Yang Kang Woo was the man of the household even at a young age. He guarded his mother, and younger brother Kang Chil from their father who was an abusive alcoholic. After his brother Kang Woo is killed in an accident, Kang Chil begins to lead a corrupt and immoral lifestyle. Source & Image: MyDaily

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