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SISTAR's Bora talks about the difficulties of bathing with her leg injury

While guesting on the September 1st episode ofMnet's 'Beatles Code', SISTAR's Bora revealed that it was difficult to bathe because of the burns on her legs. The incident occurred a few weeks back during KBS's 'Music Bank', when Bora accidentally tripped over the stage lights, and received minor burns on both her legs. Bora sighed, "I can't let water come in contact with the burns, so I've been only washing my upper body for the past couple days." Hyorin added, "The day the accident occurred, I finished rehearsing and came back to our dorm. Bora then suddenly called me over to the bathroom and asked me to 'deung mok' for her", causing everyone in the studio to burst out with laughter. 'Deung mok' literally means 'back' and 'neck' in Korean, and is a method of washing yourself without getting your legs wet. You have to lean over, keep your back straight and parallel to the ground, and place your hands on the floor, making a position that looks almost like a bridge. Then another person would have to pour water on your back and neck, so you could keep your legs dry. MCs Yoon Jong Shin and Yoon Se Yoon cracked up upon hearing the word 'deung mok', and Yoon Jong Shin exclaimed, "I haven't heard that term in a while!" Yoon Se Yoon also amused viewers by suddenly dancing a peculiar 'deung mok' dance. Having gained the new nickname of 'deung mok'-idol, Bora commented, "The position of 'deung mok' was too difficult", and added, "Now I sit on the bathroom floor, put my feet up against the wall, wash the upper half of my body, then wash my legs with a wet towel." Source + Photo: TV Report via Naver

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