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Posted by AKP STAFF Friday, July 15, 2011

Track list + album cover for miss A's first album revealed


After unveiling four sizzling teasers for their comeback track, "Good Bye Baby", miss A revealed the album jacket and full track list for their first studio album! Scheduled to drop on July 18th, "A Class" consists of a hot mix of previously-released hits and new tracks. Check out the cover and track list below! == 01. One To Ten Considered the best example of miss A's musical style, "One to Ten" starts off with an emotional piano rhythm and the line, "From one to ten, none of it makes sense." The song picks up with each new part by the addition of another rhythm. Upon your first listen, it feels like a ballad track, but the overall rhythm gives the impression of 'feel-good music'. 02. Good Bye Baby The song is an expression of a woman's cool indifference to a man who's breaking up with her. Right from the start, the track kicks off with a powerful combination of a strong beat and an electric guitar, followed by a dynamic chorus melody. It features the same base as their debut track, "Bad Girl Good Girl", but with a few twists that make it stand alone. Although the melody sounds upbeat, the song is actually has a toned sound, giving it an overall calming feeling. Perhaps the song's strongest characteristic is where the girls are singing as if they're whispering, acting out the words to the listener. 03. Help Me "Help Me" is another expression of a woman's desire to escape the sorrow of a bad break up. The melody is calming in order to reinforce the lyric's sorrow, but there's enough of a strong beat so that it walks the line between a ballad and a dance track. Compared to the previous two, this song is a medium tempo that isn't as heavily loaded with emotions. 04. Break It Included in their debut album, the track features a funky rhythm and a powerful chorus. 05. Mr. Johnny A combination of a disco/funky melody and electronica sounds, this song feels like it's being played straight out of an '80s club. Departing from the heavier moods of the first half of the album, the song is a straight up dance track that's both exciting and upbeat. 06. Play The Music DJ Featured in "Step Up", the song is a nice connecting piece to "Mr. Johnny" and allows the album to seamlessly continue the mood built up by the previous dance tracks. 07. Step Up Also featured in "Step Up", the song maintains the atmosphere that's built up, but also marks a change in pace for the second half of the album. 08. Breathe miss A's highly-popular second hit track, "Breathe" is also from "Step Up". 09. Blankly The only ballad in the album, the song was also included in "Step Up" and acts as a wrap-up piece for the album. Unlike the other dance tracks, the song uses an orchestra as its foundation to illustrate the emotion sorrow. 10. Love Again Included in "Bad But Good", the overall tone is light with synth sounds that spread throughout the song. It's an accurate example of miss A's lyrical style, in that although the song sounds upbeat, but a hint of sorrow lies somewhere in their lyrics and in the way their vocals are delivered. 11. Love Alone Featured in Kim Yuna's popular ice show, the song contains all-English lyrics against an electronica background. The repetitive melody and rhythm gives stays true to its genre. 12. Bad Girl Good Girl miss A's debut track, this song is a definite favorite with fans. 13. Good-bye Baby (Silver Mix) == Source + Image: Melon

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