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JYJ's agency deems KBS's statement as illogical

Following the release of KBS'sstatement addressing JYJ's exclusion on their programs, JYJ's agency were quick to fire back at the broadcast station, deeming their excuse as "illogical". On May 18th, CJES Entertainment rebutted, "The lawsuit about JYJ's subordinate contract with SM Entertainment that KBS was referring to was already acknowledged by the court as lopsided and disadvantageous to JYJ, and the contract was subsequently nullified." "In addition, last February, the invalidity of their contract with SME was emphasized once more as the court declared another order for SME to stop indirectly impeding on JYJ's activities. With these being said, we believe KBS's stance does not match up with the facts." They continued, "When SM Entertainment lodged a lawsuit regarding the 'dual contract', the court rejected their argument and ordered SM to not interfere with JYJ's activities with CJES Entertainment. Considering JYJ's lonely fight against such a huge agency in request for a more reasonable contract, we believe it is wrong that KBS is deviating from the objective truth and making the public think that JYJ are just creating more societal problems. We strongly request for them to make corrections on their part." "Especially with JYJ currently participating in overseas promotional projects with various countries, as well as being appointed highly ranked ambassadors, we're very disappointed that they are speaking of JYJ as threats to the culture industry," concluded CJES Entertainment. ======= UPDATE ======= Junsu tweeted, "I woke up and found articles about this and that...! Let's strengthen up ^^ You know, right?! Don't be upset.. One day, they will understand and believe us ^^ Until then, we can't let go of the string connecting us to each other, as that is our happiness~ Thank you always." Source: Daily News Star Today via Nate News

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