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Piggy Dolls discuss their name, hardships, and breaking stages


There's no doubt that Piggy Dolls turned heads when they debuted last month. While their Rubenesque figures certainly gained headlines, it was their vocals talents which earned them the spotlight. In an interview with E Daily, the girls were asked the question many have been wondering about since they've debuted: How did they feel about their name, 'Piggy Dolls'? Did they not think it was degrading? Leader Kim Min Sun replied, "It's a name given to us by our CEO. We thought the name was so cute at first, and felt that it fit us well since all of us have that appearance. The name feels like fate to us." It wasn't easy for them to reach this point in their careers. Kim Min Sun first debuted by competing on Mnet's "Superstar K", but she was unable to receive any attention because of her figure. Auditions for the other two members were out of the question because they were concerned about their looks. Fortunately, their current agency reached out to them first, reasoning that as long as they had the vocal talent, one's appearance did not matter at all. The leader continued, "Whenever I said I wanted to sing when I was little, everyone around me told me to lose weight. I was really hurt by that, but luckily was able to meet our current agency. Ever since I joined them, I've become a lot more confident as a person. 'I'm fat, but I'm also a singer.' I take pride in that." Despite the support from their agency, their parents weren't so willing to give in. Most were concerned over the hardships their daughters would have to face in an industry dominated by visual appeal. Lee Ji Yeon explained, "They worried a lot, mostly over us getting hated and garnering anti-fans. They're happy about it now, though, and ask about what programs we'll be appearing on." Aside from their talent, the three have something else in common: they're all from the same high school, Ahyun Polytechnic School, which is especially noted for its long list of celebrity alumni. Kim Min Sun said, "Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, Hwanhee, Navi, Bubble Sisters, No Brain, and B2ST's Kikwang are all seniors of ours. We'll be working hard to become like them." The girls also made light of the crude jokes circulating on the internet about how their combined weight could break the stage. Park Ji Eun explained, "Our heels break by the end of each performance.We probably have a box full of heels that are broken." Kim Min Sun added, "Recently, we jumped slightly on a stage which caused the floor to cave in a bit. Another singer even fell because she tripped over it." To conclude the interview, they were asked about what they hoped to achieve with their careers. The Piggy Dolls confidently replied that they wanted a second, or even a third version of 'Piggy Dolls' to emerge so that the narrow-minded standards of beauty could be shattered once and for all. Source + Photos: E Daily via Daum

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