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Posted by AKP STAFF Sunday, January 2, 2011

SHINee holds press conference before second running of "SHINee World"


After successfully kicking off their first concert in Korea, SHINee returned for part two on January 2nd for "SHINee World." The group held a press conference before the concert began, and greeted the press by stating, "Being able to perform so many songs on such a big stage is exciting. We feel that we'll be able to show how much we've improved." Jonghyun continued, "I don't believe that the audience number is all that important for any stage. Whether there's one audience member or ten thousand, we'll be doing our best for the concert." Minho, who was asked what his resolutions for the new year were, answered, "We had a lot of achievements in 2010, and we'll be working even harder this year with our own unique color to show everyone our improvements.My goal is to become friendlier with our fans." Taemin responded, "I was young so I always heard people say that I was just good, but now that I'll soon become an adult, I need to work harder. Honestly, when we first debuted, I wasn't that great at singing so I did get a bit greedier with this concert." Regarding Taemin's statement, Onew further explained, "Taemin would go rehearse as soon as our schedules were finished in the morning. He's always working so hard, and even though he's the maknae, I'd like to learn from him." When asked what kind of help they received from their labelmates, SHINee answered, "SNSD, TVXQ, and the Super Junior seniors all came to support us and told us to 'enjoy the stage with our fans.' They were of great help to us and gave us a lot of advice as well." Key added, "I always participated on our senior's stages for featuring parts, such as with Jessica and TVXQ; I've always declared that I wanted to hold my own concert some day.They would reply that I should watch and learn since we'll be holding our own someday. It was really helpful." The group was also asked to comment on their successful concerts in Taiwan and Japan. "We believe that we earned our popularity in Japan due to the roads our seniors had paved," they responded. Jonghyun added, "We never thought that 12,000 people would attend, so we're very thankful.Through their interest in us, we hope to raise awareness about Korean culture. Before we left for Japan, we were tutored on Japan's culture and language through dramas and animations. Key in particular is picking up the language fast." Key was later asked why he chose f(x)'s Krystal for his solo duet stage, to which he replied, "I needed a female role in my solo stage, so I began to wonder who would push me away coldly when I went up to her.I figured that Krystal would fit that role, and she was great." SHINee already completed their concert's first day and were asked if they had any disappointments. Key answered, "The more I think about it, the more I'm not satisfied with everything.All I'm left with is disappointment." Onew, who was asked to grade their concert performance, replied, "About 30 points out 300 points." Despite Onew's score, the concert featured high-paced action cuts with aerial performances, moving cars, a 15-member orchestra, lasers, a fountain show, and other large-scale additions to their performances. [gallery] Source: OSEN, Star News #1, #2 via Nate

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