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Ex-KARA member, Kim Sung Hee, to get married in May


"Women Chosun" has reportedthat former KARA member, Kim Sung Hee (21), will be getting married to Yang Won Joon (31),the eldest son ofvoice actor Yang Ji Woon. The two have been dating for about a year, and they plan to tie the knot on May 7th at a small wedding hall in Gyeonggi-do, Paju. The two first met approximately 2 years ago through their religious community, and grew close while attending various musical activities around the world. It's been confirmed that the parents of the lovers met a year into their relationship, and agreed to set a wedding date. Reflecting on his approval over his son's choice, Yang Ji Woon said, "People can't guess how cute our future daughter-in-law is when she does things. My wife is absolutely taken by her charms. Long ago, my son has gone through some hard times, but I look forward to him creating an ideal family by meeting a good wife." On a side note, Yang Won Joon has previously spent time in jail for refusing to fulfill his military duties for religious reasons in June of 2009. Turning back to Kim Sung Hee, the former KARA member shocked the music industry in 2008 when she announced that she was going to officially withdraw from the group. There were various rumors floating around as to why she decided to quit, but the most prominent was how her idol group activities were 'interfering with her religious life.' Currently, she works as a vocal instructor for aspiring singers. Source: Chosun News

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