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Rookie group VNT hopes to succeed with their music, not their visuals


Another girl group has emerged to be added to the saturated lineup of girl groups already dominating 2010. New girl group debuts have now become the norm of the industry, and it's something that isn't at all surprising to music fans and representatives alike. However, VNT is said to be different from their seniors. The group chose to focus more on their music rather than visuals, and is actually the first group ever to be produced by the 'Midas hand' of the industry, Kim Chang Hwan. The producer has over 20 years of experience under his belt, making other big names such as Kim Gun Mo to watch over the group. VNT debuted on November 4th with their R&B and hip hop dance track, "Sound (YeYeYe)." Thegroupconsists of LIL'J (18), Tina (18), and Yumi (17). Because the members were born in the year 1992 (Yumi is counted as 1992 because her birth month lands earlier in the year), their group name was decided to be VNT, standing for 'Voice of Ninety Two.' Their dreams of becoming singers first began two years ago after meeting Media Line's CEO, Kim Chang Hwan. Kim Chang Hwan has produced a number of big name stars over the past 20 years, including Park Mi Kyung, Shin Seung Hoon, Clon, Chaeyeon, Lee Jung, Kim Geun Mo, and others, earning him the nickname, "Hit Maker." LIL'J, the rapper of the group, stated, "It's been about two years since we first began rehearsing together. I'm a personal fan of Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo senior, and heard that she used to be a trainee with our CEO in the past. That's why I wanted to join this company." She went on to state, "One thing that I'm confident about is, like our CEO stated, our music. We'll become a team that wins because of our talents, not our looks. Tina and I dropped out of high school for this, and we will be sure to show everyone our passion for music." Tina added, "I was originally a fan of Kim Gun Mo senior. I auditioned for this company thinking that I could learn a lot from him since he's also a part of this company. Thankfully, I passed, and now I'm debuting as a member of VNT." Their seniors have also been giving them words of encouragement. Yumi revealed, "Despite his busy schedule, Kim Gun Mo senior teaches us piano and gives us singing tips. He also buys us a lot of delicious food. Chae Yeon unni visits our rehearsal room and teaches us how to dance attractively." VNT concluded their interview by stating, "We may be a girl group, but we dream of changing the Korean music industry with our music. Our first and foremost goal is to have our fans listen to high quality music. We want to become the top in every aspect, and later become seniors that lure others to dream of becoming like us. Of course, we also dream of an award at the year-end awards this year." [gallery columns=4] Source + Photo: Star News

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