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Introducing Janey, the youngest member of GP Basic!


GP Basic, a group that has yet to formally debut, is a recent hot topic in the music world today. Preparing to debut with their song Game, GP Basic is already garnering interest, due to the very young ages of the six members. With one member still in elementary school, and five in the second year of junior high school, the group has earned the very fitting name of being the "nation's youngest girl group." Among the members, the youngest member, Janey, is attracting a lot of attention in particular. In charge of rapping in the group, the elementary school sixth-grader has actually already starred in many CFs as a child actress. Last year, she appeared on SBS's Star King as "elementary school girl rapper", and together with "little Seo In Young", Ahn Joo Hee, the two girls showed their prowess with a cute and lively performance as the "Star King Girls". With the performance, Janey showed off her rap skills with her unique husky voice, and even revealed a secret talent - the "shaking dance". All in all, she received lots of love from the viewers. Next week, GP Basic will introduce themselves with a teaser of their music video! Get ready to see some talent from these precocious girls!

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