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Wonder Girls' Yenny responds to JYPE's alleged mistreatment


A former English tutor of the Wonder Girls, Daniel Gauss,recently made allegations on JYP Entertainment's "ill-conceived" management of the girl group's venture into the U.S. market. Jung Wook, CEO of JYP Entertainment released a rebuttal statement, denying such claims and clearing up misunderstandings that may have been caused because of them. Even with the company'srebuttal statement at hand, there was still heavydoubt towards them asthey havebeen plagued with controversial issues as of late. However, their words may be easier to believe as Yenny herself spoke up about JYP Entertainment's alleged mistreatment towards the Wonder Girls on her Twitter.

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As implied from Yenny's recent tweet, it seems like things are going swell at the JYP headquarters.So did Daniel Gauss really have the girls' best interest at heart like he claimed to be, or was he harboring an ulterior motive, like gaining 15 seconds of fame? JYPE is now seeking to pursue legal action against himfor raising such allegations. Although it is unfortunate that the issue had to arise four days before the Wonder Girls' long-awaited comeback, you can't keep a good thing down. UPDATE: Yenny recently updated her twitter with these two tweets:
@followjyp JY, u said the truth always wins and i believe that cuz u said so. just hope u know that we are here for u as u've always been. @followjyp and we love you..! :)

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