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Woman accused of making false charges against Yoochun found innocent

By yckim124   17 days ago   122,377   3,276   0



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Ms. Song (24) who was accused of making false sexual assault charges against JYJ's Yoochun was ruled innocent.

On July 4, the trial with Yoochun and Ms. Song took place at Seoul Central District Court with 7 jurors. The trial lasted 17 hours from 9:30 a.m on the 4th to 2:40 a.m on the 5th KST.

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Ms. Song begged innocence and sobbed, "I followed him to the bathroom because we didn't have much skinship beforehand. It's true that I couldn't resist because Yoochun talked to me as if he was going to give me 20,000,000 KRW (~ 17,329 USD) but I never asked for money afterward. Please listen to me. Please trust me."

She added, "I'm a victim of sexual assault. I am so upset and angry."

All of the 7 jurors ruled Ms. Song innocent. The foreman also stated, "It is hard to accept that Ms. Song has defamed Park's character or made false charges only based on the evidence provided by the police."

Back in January, another woman who accused Yoochun of sexual assault was found guilty of false charges. She was sentenced 2 years of penal servitude. 

  1. Yoochun

Fayy126 15 days ago

So we only have to cry and we'll be ruled innocent. 대단해 항국.

Tix 16 days ago

I'm sorry if anyone disagrees but the bit I'm really struggling to comprehend is why she followed him to the bathroom in the first place if what she says is true? There aren't many reasons as to why you follow someone to the bathroom, and this isn't going to be forgotten so how is it not defamation?!

Cuby113 Tix 16 days ago

I completely agree it just doesn't make sense.

ajstew 16 days ago

The other woman was sentenced to 'penal servitude.' That sounds like cruel and unusual be subject to penial punishment from the guards.

Funky_Angel 16 days ago


JJJ1234 16 days ago

Basically, both were horny. But afterwards, the girl probably wanted to extort more money by doing this. Okay kidding, I'm not her. But both were horny and did it.. in a public toilet.

Tulog_Ako 16 days ago

She wanted the D. that why she followed him into the Bathroom cuz she want da D.

donnycosmo 16 days ago

Why would a well-known celebrity like Yoochun have to pay 17k for a nugu though???? Wouldn't a fan do it for free?? She makes it all about money, but her first reason is about skinship lol. Not saying he didn't do it, but it's just too easy for a girl to claim sexual assault and many innocent men have gone to jail for it

leaderwolfmoon 16 days ago

wait she followed him to the bathroom because she thought he was gonna give her money? And that wasn't defaming him with saying she was sexually assaulted?Listen im no expert on how this kinda of set up works but im PRETTY sure in that situation, IF it did happen, he wouldn't give you a high five and give you that much money, THAT ISN'T HOW IT WORKS SWEETHEART. Unless you are a complete dumbass idiot, then im pretty sure you knew what the fuck you were walking into by FOLLOWING HIM INTO THE BATHROOM.

Sesamezmak 16 days ago

Well they can't both be innocent but I won't believe either of being guilty until proven so.

themsbabyg 16 days ago

She couldn't resist him n because she tought he was going to give her money. He didnt n she didn't ask .. but she made police report saying she was sexually assaulted .. so wasn't that defamation? Is there something wrong with the translation?

hexrealm themsbabyg 16 days ago

I think what she is saying is that she followed him because of the promise of money , then she changed her mind and so she was sexually assaulted and she didn't ask for the money afterwards. Its all her words and I don't see how this can be proven one way or another so I think the court can only dismiss it.

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