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Wanna One fans queue up and plunder the shelves for 'Innisfree's bromide event

By harmony4377   14 days ago   24,955   4,285   0



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Wanna One fans have ransacked 'Innisfree', proving the group's immense popularity with the launch of their bromide event!

'Innisfree' recently held a nationwide event for customers by giving them a package deal they wouldn't want to miss. The package deal included: for every 10,000 KRW (approximately $10 USD) worth of products purchased, one would receive an autographed poster of any member of choice. Additionally, for every two tubes of color correcting masks, a headband and a single poster were given. The event was initially announced on Facebook and applies only for customers who have a membership with 'Innisfree'. 

Fans went die hard to get their hands on the posters, waiting in line for hours in the humid, rainy weather. Almost immediately upon opening, members Hwang Min Hyun and Kang Daniel's posters were sold out. The hashtag #이니스프리 (#Innisfree) also trended #1 in Korea, #7 worldwide, #10 in Peru, and several other locations. 

Check out fans' photos from the event! 

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taeminntie 12 days ago

Hwang Minhyun's visuals are crazy

xDanii 12 days ago

Of course God Daniel got them SHOOK ♥

voidending 13 days ago

look at all those male fans

nymeria24 13 days ago

madness... love it xD

fanny_fanny94 13 days ago

It doesn't matter who sold out first, the most interesting is this is like one of a those rare days for cosmetics shops being bombarded by thousands of people at once. The branding power of WannaOne is no joke seriously

Imshook 13 days ago

Watch Minhyun snatch all CFs in the future.

Imshook 13 days ago

Korea is shook at Hwang Minhyun visual :-)

MikaylaPark 14 days ago

I want Minhyuns and Jisungs poster. *cries in a corner*. Why do I live in Europe and why do I have to be a broke student 😭😭😭😭😭

SophiaS MikaylaPark 13 days ago

I want Minhyun's poster too. But as you said, we live in Europe ....

MikaylaPark SophiaS 13 days ago

We are so unlucky... kpop groups never/rarely visit where I live T_T

SophiaS MikaylaPark 13 days ago

They won't ever visit my country, because kpop is almost unknown here, I mean there is a small fanbase, but if you ask the public or a music shop about kpop, they' won't know what it is . There is just 1 recently opened kpop shop in the Capital, I bought Highlight's album from them and it costed more than 32 USD :) .

xDanii MikaylaPark 12 days ago

Where do you live I'm from Belgium TT.TT

MikaylaPark xDanii 12 days ago

Omgggg we are neighbours haha :p. I live in the Netherlands... but yeah Belgium and Holland are never visited by any Kpop groups :(. Block B came a couple months ago but I don't know much about them and I am not really a fan. And I know G-dragon will visit this year but I am not sure if I will go to his concert. I need Big Bang as a whole group, BTS, Nu'est and more T____T

xDanii MikaylaPark 12 days ago

Omgg girl I feel you !!! TT.TT

zicozelo 14 days ago

Minhyun was the first one to be sold out. Almost every store had a Minhyun sign out saying it was sold out. The thirst for Minhyun is real.

Tabbyholic zicozelo 12 days ago

omg yup im thirsty for him too

ishiplikemad 14 days ago

If this was in my country, I'll also gonna wait in that long ass line (lol mark) just to get myself a poster of minhyun.

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