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'SNL Korea' and Bomi under fire for Blackface during 'Dooly' skit

By mkim93   19 days ago   85,041   2,268   0



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On July 1, A Pink appeared on 'SNL Korea' and one of the skits the girls were featured in reenacted the animation characters from the Korean cartoon 'Dooly - The Little Dinosaur'.

Many Korean viewers enjoyed the skit, however, there was a backlash from some International fans as Bomi transformed into one of the characters who goes by the name of 'Michol'. The character is pronounced as 'Maikol' - an aspiring singer with Michael Jackson as his role model. Viewers have criticized both SNL Korea and Bomi for doing blackface caricature for entertainment purposes.

Some of the comments read, "I can't believe Bomi just did blackface...", "What are you doing Bomi, A Pink doing blackface now", and "SNL will never learn...this offends and ridicules a group of people." At the same time, some fans have come out to defend Bomi as well saying that she was simply playing a character and dressing up to fit the part but also SNL Korea should be at fault for this.

What do you guys think of the situation?

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    1. Bomi
    2. snl korea

    hotbuns 13 days ago

    Honestly, most of SNL Korea's skits aren't even that funny .-. That's just my opinion; and if you disagree, sorry.

    klonthank 17 days ago

    why noone defending that 'greenface'?

    MitchTatsuoka klonthank 17 days ago

    My thoughts exactly! Lol

    whdgusl klonthank 13 days ago

    She's a dinosaur lol

    lovinmama 17 days ago

    As a Black American, I'm the first to feel hurt by blackface and the meaning behind it.  Afterall, Blackface began in America and is as insulting as the way Asians were portrayed back then.  However, when looking at the little character who Bomi was imitating, I do understand.  I also appreciate that her face was not painted black. To me it seems she was just dressed like her character just like the other girls. Hey guys, perhaps we should just let this one slide and take it in the spirit in which it was done.

    morgan_suh lovinmama 16 days ago

    i agree!!! she was playing a character and dressing up as a character she wasn't dressing up as a general "black person" and stereotyping black people.

    Anythingyg 17 days ago

    The fact that a grown ass man is sitting up defending this like he's getting paid for it is a joke. Don't you have like a job or a bitch go attend to 😂

    ThatsWhatsup Anythingyg 17 days ago

    Yeah. There should be an age limit for posting opinions online. /s

    Anythingyg ThatsWhatsup 17 days ago

    Did i say that?

    ThatsWhatsup Anythingyg 17 days ago

    No. I did. Can't you read?

    Anythingyg ThatsWhatsup 17 days ago

    Lol you seem guilty but if the shoe fits wear it. Nobody was talking about you tho

    ThatsWhatsup Anythingyg 16 days ago

    That's odd. I don't remember saying anyone was talking about me. Perhaps you truly can't read. I thought we shared the same opinion about "grown ass" men. 17 days ago

    People making a big deal out of nothing. Fk international fans, they criticize Korean fans, but they are also a problem.

    SecondLeadQueen5 17 days ago

    When Top was "smiling" and the Korean fans were making comments that he was a psychopath and he was evil international fans defended him to the end! We have defended a lot of idols, actors and MCs in situations where the Korean fans were ready to burn them on the stake. So now it's FK international fans?! When we can't condone this?! SecondLeadQueen5 17 days ago

    Yeah all of Korea said he was a psychopath? Korean fans have no problems with this, the show is for Korea. International fans are making a big deal out of nothing, something that isn't even intended for them.

    SecondLeadQueen5 17 days ago

    If people are offended then let them be offended. Who are you to tell them this act isn't offensive?! You can't speak for anyone but yourself. I'm personally offended. Idc if I'm considered sensitive or "unrealistic". SecondLeadQueen5 16 days ago

    People can be offended, just don't make a big deal out of it, especially if you don't get it and its not even intended for you. Korean people get offended, but they get criticized when they say stuff about their own artists by foreign fans.

    SecondLeadQueen5 16 days ago

    Who are you tell people not to make a "big deal" out of anything?! You can't. its peoples right to say what they want. We get exactly what's going on! SecondLeadQueen5 16 days ago

    "Its peoples right to say what they want", so then I can tell people not to make a big deal out of anything. You're very contradicting. International fans don't get anything whats going on. They don't get the culture, the society or anything. They don't even want to accept it and they still criticize Korean fans. Korean fans live in their culture and society. It doesn't make sense for international fans to say anything when they don't understand anything and aren't willing to.

    SecondLeadQueen5 15 days ago

    You're speaking for billions of people. Wow you must have many friends in order to have all this knowledge. SecondLeadQueen5 15 days ago

    What billions of people? sounds like I'm speaking to a middle schooler. Its from what I observed, all that happens here on AKP are international fans criticizing Korean fans.

    chimari 18 days ago

    The comments in this post... I'll just take my views directly to the source.

    federick 18 days ago

    International fans just finding wats to be noticed by Knetz. This is so non sense.

    annaseyoooo 18 days ago

    I'm seriously loosing trust in international fans... She just imitated Michol, neither she nor SNL did something wrong! Seriously guys, this is so unbelievable

    BigBlueagain annaseyoooo 18 days ago

    If you think this is unbelievable, you should see the lengths that these morons go to in justifying their racism over here. And the most idiotic statement I've heard yet are the morons who say they can't be racist because they're black. I mean, you just made a statement that is the very definition of racist and you don't think you're racist because of your race. These people are thinking in circles so fast, it's no wonder they're so dizzy.

    BigBlueagain 17 days ago

    Oh look, there's two of those racist, professional victims now. How cute.

    annaseyoooo BigBlueagain 17 days ago

    well I'm an international fan too just for you to know and personally I think there's nothing wrong with imitating a caroon character but if this isn't your opinion I'm fine with it. It's just that some fans are really overreacting about this whole thing...

    BigBlueagain annaseyoooo 17 days ago

    Read it again. I'm agreeing with you and comparing the worse here.

    amoruby 18 days ago

    They just try their best to imitate Michol's appearance..

    Noveos_Republic 18 days ago

    This is kinda funny

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