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Black Pink wins #1 in 'Inkigayo' + performances by MONSTA X, NCT 127, MAMAMOO, and more

By jennywill   18 days ago   95,063   27,659   0



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SBS 'Inkigayo' aired its latest episode with energetic and fun performances from your favorite idols, along with MCs Black Pink's Jisoo, NCT's Doyoung, and special MC SF9's Rowoon.

On this episode, A Pink came back with "Five", NC.A came back with "Love Me", and UP10TION came back with "Runner". Comedian Park Soo Hong had his music debut with "Sorry Mom".

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As for the winner, MAMAMOOBolppalgan4, and Black Pink were nominees, but in the end, Black Pink took the #1 place with "As If It's Your Last".

[More videos will be added as they become available]




[DEBUT: Park Soo Hong]


[Parc Jae Jung]

[Nine Muses]


[Black Pink]


[NCT 127]



[Cosmic Girls]

[The East Light]

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  1. Black Pink

makan 18 days ago

I just don't get why some people want to hate hard working entertainers. Why not just support your favorites and wish the others best of luck? I will never understand the hate...

BigBlueagain makan 18 days ago

it's the fans. Some of them practically beg for it.

makan BigBlueagain 17 days ago

Agreed, I think 99% of the entertainers understand the hard work and sacrifices that are needed to become an Idol or entertainer in S. Korea. And they support each other. I think some fans attach to Idols or groups for the wrong reasons. Most people in every Fandom are there for the right reasons, but a few bad ones can really make the rest look bad. But just like everything else, we can't let a few idiots change how we treat the rest, or disrespect the actual entertainers.

BigBlueagain makan 17 days ago

I kind of agree. I have one where I fell off the waggon. I cannot stand ONCE. Other than that, live and let live.

makan BigBlueagain 17 days ago

LOL Yeah I see that. I am not sure how this happened with you and the ONCE. I have not been here long enough to understand, but I have not had any issues with any Fandom, yes I think that some individuals are a bit "stuck on themselves and their groups" but at least for me, the Twice Fandom is not bad at all, actually a lot of nice people who are hyped and passionate about their group. Sort of like a sports fandom, where I am actually more negative I am originally from Philadelphia, and many in my hometown talk too much trash, but so do fans of other cities and teams and it is much more negative in sports in my opinion.

BigBlueagain makan 17 days ago

My biggest problem with them is that they think their group is the first to do anything and that their group has replaced others. They make claims they have no right to and then jump me when I try to correct them. So... they wanna be that way, I can play that.

makan BigBlueagain 17 days ago

Like I was saying, it's a bit like sports fandom. Every Champion gets haters and have cocky fans. Respecting the History of a sport or music should always happen, but each generation should also be respected.

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 17 days ago

Shut up. :) I always saw you hating the other group achievements yet you don't want BP to bash. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. HAHHAHAAHA

BigBlueagain makan 17 days ago

NotBiasedKpop is one of those assholes I was talking about.

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 16 days ago

Stop talking to yourself asshole..

ellainejoyce 18 days ago

Finally! My girls finally won 🤗🤗

shubhajan 18 days ago

Congrats BlackPink! But sadly I fear this will be their first and only win for This Song because Inkiygayo is based on views while the others aren't and Mamamoo Is domainating the charts and don't forget that Red velvet is coming back next week

makan shubhajan 18 days ago

I think BP might win again next week at Inkigayo. They have a very strong international following.

federick 18 days ago

Love the nominees!

teuksora 18 days ago

what are the chances of hwasa going on unpretty rapstar 4? I really wanna see her rap more it would be so awesome

Fariiaa 18 days ago

Congratz 2NE1!

xoxoKPOPxoxo Fariiaa 18 days ago

This is BP win not 2NE1's so its "Congratz Blackpink!" NOT "Congratz 2NE1!"

Random_Person101 Fariiaa 18 days ago

You need a reality check.This is Blackpink's Win not 2ne1 they disbanded ages ago and you can keep on being salty about it.Sorry to the MATURE blackjacks out their these deluded idiots must ruin the fandom for you.

jenicekorn Random_Person101 18 days ago

blackpink debuted in august 2016 2NE1 disbanded november 2016 doesnt sound ages ago for me....

xoxoKPOPxoxo jenicekorn 17 days ago

Correction they disbanded in 2017 and even if it wasn't recent it's still stupid and arrogant to congratulate 2NE1 for BP's win.They had NOTHING to do with this.

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

av the wikipedia disbanded november 2016 but released final song in january 2017..... please inform yourself before making statment, these way minzy is angry bcs she not included in final song, event minzy departured from group april 2016 bcs technically event minzy already past member went 2NE1 released their final song but other member is included past member bcs there are already disbanded before final.. song.... and yes i think blackpink success bcs 2NE1 disbanded like or not

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

according the wikipedia there are disbanded in november 2016 but released final song in january 2017

xoxoKPOPxoxo jenicekorn 17 days ago

Well actually they said they were active until November 2016 but that's fake. Are you a BJ because even you should know why Minzy left. All the other members apart from her got solo. And 2NE1's last song was Goodbye so Wikipedia provided False Info. And NO Blackpink's success was NOT because of 2NE1. People who've never even heard of 2NE1 support Blackpink. So 2NE1 have literally NOTHING to do with BP success. Was 2NE1 successful because of BigBang? NO. So Blackpink success is Nothing to do with 2NE1 like it or not.

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

wow the wikipedia your called false, then can you show me where information your stand ???

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

for minzy, i'm not metion why she left, i just mention why she angry because she not participad in last song, not all blink is blackjack for sure but almost all blackjack is blink..

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

and the time that blackpink introduced almost near time of 2NE1 disbanded issues spread...

xoxoKPOPxoxo jenicekorn 17 days ago

Use your Brain. Their last song was in 2017 so they were active until 2017. If you say they were active until 2016 then why weren't they promoting before then. Because they hadn't released a song.But even after their last song they didn't promote(like Sistar for e.x) They released their last song in 2017 so technically they were active until 2017.And Blackpink were meant to debut in 2012 but YG holted their debut for "unknown reasons" and debuted WINNER in 2013 instead so stop saying BP own their success to 2NE1 when in fact they dont.

xoxoKPOPxoxo jenicekorn 17 days ago

Blackpink were already meant to debut. YG probably figured that he should debut BP since Minzy left and 2NE1 would disband.

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

its like when your have company that you decided to close it, it doesnt mean all activity stop instantly, like you still have pay debt etc... 2NE1 disbanded its mean they will stop activity as group like came to variety show to promote or like make contract to make cf as group etc.... so they can make last song as group where they already disbanded because the third parties not involved,other meaning when the group disbanded they cant represent their group to third parties (another company who hire them as represented of their product)

jenicekorn 17 days ago

do you think BP success when 2NE1 is still around (the both have same concept)

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

do you think BP success when 2NE1 is still around (the both have same concept)

jenicekorn xoxoKPOPxoxo 17 days ago

that why YG doesnt debuted them yet

xoxoKPOPxoxo jenicekorn 17 days ago

But they didn't even promote , they were just there and didn't release any songs. And the only reason they use the same concept is because YG recycles concepts untill the group is well known enough to actually use other concepts.

Alliyah_A Fariiaa 17 days ago

This was supposed to be a 2ne1 song that was going to be put on their album for 2014 but they decided to wait and put it on their next one . When they disbanded teddy decided to give it to blackpink. So this is a recycled 2ne1 song . 😂😂

Fariiaa Alliyah_A 16 days ago


cinthy_gr 18 days ago

So happy for BlackPink, they deserve it, the song is amazing!

BigBlueagain 18 days ago

Why do I think this promotion is going to keep being a ping pong match between BlackPink and Mamamoo? I love both songs and both groups and I love seeing them promote at the same time. The only thing I don't like about it is that they keep blocking each other from wins. (oh well, goes back to watching both of them).

binhaq BigBlueagain 18 days ago

okay!!! Ignored and reported!

BigBlueagain binhaq 18 days ago

psst ignoring doesn't mean stalking me all over just so you can downvote me ;)

Hellotreasure binhaq 18 days ago

Why though? He wasn't hating on them, jeez learn the difference between hate and an opinion 🙄

BigBlueagain Hellotreasure 18 days ago

He's pissed at me for not liking TWICE and not being silent about hit. He thinks you can report people for having opinions.

Hellotreasure BigBlueagain 18 days ago

I find some of the JYP stans in the comment section can be really annoying sometimes

BigBlueagain Hellotreasure 18 days ago

I don't have a problem with JYPE stans. I have some problems with the company itself and I have a BIG problem with (D)ONCE. But in all honesty, I expected as much when I decided to give back some of what they'd been dishing. (shrugs)

makan BigBlueagain 18 days ago

For me, I just want to have good songs to listen to. So far this Spring and Summer there have been a lot of good songs IMO. Right now Mamamoo is the song I am liking the most out of the newer, releases, but I am still playing Chung Ha a lot as well as some older stuff.

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 18 days ago

WAHAHAHA. BP loses to MAMAMOO. So weak!

BigBlueagain NotBiasedKpop 18 days ago

Considering that Mamamoo are THE monster vocal group, not so much. But feel free to continue proving yourself an idiot.

oxymorac NotBiasedKpop 18 days ago

I would like to see how easy it is for BP to win with absolutely 0 physical sales. It's not the artists who are 'weak'.

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 17 days ago

Reasons! HAHA!

NotBiasedKpop oxymorac 17 days ago

Reasons are invalid. WAHAHAHA

oxymorac NotBiasedKpop 17 days ago

lmao so you're saying facts are invalid? But facts make up your life... so your life is invalid, okay then. Also, I stated a reason, not many reasonS.

BigBlueagain oxymorac 17 days ago

Don't waste your time. This moron is so stupid he'd have to gain IQ points just to qualify as stupid.

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 17 days ago


BigBlueagain NotBiasedKpop 17 days ago

I know you just posted something, but all I'm seeing on my screen is "I am a dick, ignore me", so... ok. :)

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 17 days ago


BigBlueagain NotBiasedKpop 17 days ago

Were you born this stupid or is this just a skill you've honed over the years?

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 17 days ago

I AM HORNY. Give me your facebook name.

Hellotreasure NotBiasedKpop 17 days ago

Do you need to be sent to a psychiatric hospital? I'm sure they can help you with brain therapy :)

NotBiasedKpop Hellotreasure 17 days ago

Coming from you?

Hellotreasure NotBiasedKpop 17 days ago

No, I don't need brain therapy thank you very much. But I'm aware that you and a few other people need it as well :)

NotBiasedKpop Hellotreasure 17 days ago

You need :) Hahaha

Hellotreasure NotBiasedKpop 16 days ago

If I need therapy, then you need execution

BigBlueagain NotBiasedKpop 16 days ago

Slick ANYONE that has to deal with you needs therapy. btw, the shrink and insurance are billing you. :)

NotBiasedKpop BigBlueagain 16 days ago

MAMAMOOOO >> Bloody Pussies.

Hellotreasure NotBiasedKpop 16 days ago

You need some help :)

gigi9 18 days ago

But why r they only promoting in music core and inkigayo,  last year it was Mcountdown and inkigayo,  winner promoted everywhere :/

nymeria24 18 days ago

finally Bobby has a decent hair xD he look the best with dark and short hair

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