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'Produce 101' PD discusses working with BoA and Kahi

By KpopJoA   30 days ago   50,034   4,943   0



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With the second season of Mnet's 'Produce 101' coming to a close, PD Ahn Joon Young sat down with OSEN for an exclusive interview discussing his experience working with singers, such as BoA and Kahi as well as describing their unique coaching methods.

When asked if BoA was a suitable choice as a producer, PD Ahn commented, "Personally, I think Ms. BoA is well cut-out for variety programs. I think it may have to do with the fact that she showed us such a charismatic appeal beforehand. Not only was she good at MCing, but I got to see her human side as well. She built a close bond with the trainees and monitored the program exceptionally well."

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Producer Ahn also went on to describe the coaches' methods, saying, "Teacher Kahi was able to quickly grasp the tendencies of both male and female contestants since it was her second time being on the show. She was a lot stricter on the male contestants. Her honest comments were very helpful."

He continued, "As for teacher BoA, she is like a ferocious tiger. The students were afraid of her. I remember she told me one time, 'I am the second most hated person on this program. The first person is you.' However, she had a lot of affection for the trainees, so she was able to teach them on a harsher level. I was also touched when she practiced until late in the night with the trainees working on the choreography together."

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KN7x13st7 26 days ago

It's mistranslation because in the original article, he meant Kwon Jaesung, not BoA when he was talking about helping the trainees with the choreo since he went to talk about all the teachers. He referred to Kwon Jaesung as teacher Kwon in the original article.

Cieli 29 days ago

Boa is the second hated people? Are you sure? I think I like her way of strictness. Yeah.. She is really strict with Kahi but it is because they are really care about them. I think the only one that I don't like much is the one that choose the content.. 😑

KN7x13st7 Cieli 26 days ago

She's not, it's a mistranslation since he was actually talking about Kwon Jaesung, not BoA

Cieli KN7x13st7 25 days ago

OoO.. But Jaesung is kind of nice.. I think? LoL.. And here I thought more people hate Kahi more because she is more strict.. Tbh I find all the trainers likeable.

karakamilia 29 days ago

Last year everyone was afraid of Kahi ... This year, a new monster arrived hahaha. Quick question though, Kahi was in charge of dancing and stage presence for the first season but BoA is also known for sharp dancing skills and stage presence. So what role did BoA play this season ? Was Kahi's role still the same or was the role given to BoA ?

gchoneybllushhh karakamilia 29 days ago

BoA is mainly the host of the show. Kahi's role was the same as Season 1.. but i guess due to the fact that BoA is still actively promoting as a singer, she helps out whenever she can.

karakamilia gchoneybllushhh 29 days ago

Omg, thanks so much ! Everything makes sense hahaha !

BigBlueagain karakamilia 29 days ago

Fun fact: BoA used to be Kahi's boss. Kahi got her start as a back up dancer for BoA. She's in the "My Name" MV. :)

karakamilia BigBlueagain 29 days ago

I know(:

LordLiar18 29 days ago

BoA is queen!! She's the best, the very professional type!! And Kahi too, she's kinda strict! Both are very talented!! Hope to see their collaboration! :)

intricate 29 days ago

BoA might be the only reason i would even consider watching produce 101

alfonzo 30 days ago

wow Kahi looks prettier now, even after the child

fcknren 30 days ago

im glad someone made it clear that everyone hates the PD from this show lmfao BoA is a quuueeenn

ThsDee 30 days ago

'I am the second most hated person on this program. The first person is you.' l am in love

KN7x13st7 ThsDee 26 days ago

Kwon Jaesung said that to him, not BoA

Winston 30 days ago

The first person is you. LOL, BoA got the latter part right, i think a lot of fans and viewers hated the PD for all the issues with the Season 2.

KN7x13st7 Winston 26 days ago

LOL it wasn't BoA who said this. He was actually talking about Kwon Jaesung. It's a mistranslation

ABlood 30 days ago

I can see a bit of Gain in Kahi in this picture of her, needless to say that Kahi is a beauty

Kbloom ABlood 29 days ago

haha yeah i see that, and they're both beautiful people ^^

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