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Eunji reveals the secret to A Pink's continuous teamwork

By KpopJoA   28 days ago   17,611   3,504   0



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A Pink's Eunji shared the secret to successful teamwork.

On June 26, the singer commented at A Pink's comeback showcase in Seoul for 'Pink UP'"We managed to make it this far without anyone picking a fight and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere." She then added, "I think the secret to successful teamwork would be to not be greedy and look after one another."

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Meanwhile, A Pink have been receiving much love and support from fans for the past 7 years as they recently returned with new summer track "FIVE", meaning 'taking a break while counting to five.'

  1. Eunji
  2. Eunji

makan 27 days ago

I feel like A-Pink has been sort of left behind (or left out) over the past two years. I have always liked them, never a huge fan except for Eunji (her voice is fantastic) . But it seems that they are not getting great songs lately, both Eunji as a solo and A-Pink as a group. Wishing them a successful and happy comeback.

jinssam makan 27 days ago

That's exactly me too. I love Eunji, especially because of her voice. But their songs just never do (at least) her voice justice. I root for them, but I definitely am a Moomoo, a lot because Mamamoo is able to show off their vocals with their songs (aside from their craziness lol). I wish A-Pink's agency would do the same for them :T

makan jinssam 27 days ago

I just don't get it. Her voice is AMAZING! I loved her it Trot Lovers and actually I wanted her to release a Trot Album because of how talented she is. Not sure who is giving her songs, but you are correct, Mamamoo is a great example of how to showcase her talent. Maybe she needs to talk with Mamamoo and get advice. As for Mamamoo, I totally agree with you, they are beyond AMAZINGLY Talented. I never get tired of watching their live stages. Mamamoo, along with EXID are my two favorite groups. Both seem to have more freedom than Apink has... maybe that is part of it.

jinssam makan 27 days ago

I think so. Mamamoo is involved with the songwriting process so they put more of their own color into it. But Apink has their own charm too seriously. I deeply appreciate girl groups that come from smaller companies. They really fight an uphill battle getting any recognition or attention. I'm glad to see both groups so successful this time :)

estheram 27 days ago

I'm not a big fan of their music, but I like watching their videos because they're one of the funniest groups I've ever seen and one of the most genuine/fresh.

Narutz 28 days ago

My baby Eunji is the best! Apink fighting!

ABlood 28 days ago

One of the hardest groups to pick a favourite since all of them are cute

nvrangry 28 days ago

Great group, even greater human beings

exidhoe99 28 days ago

She's so precious and talented and breathtakingly beautiful

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