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[Pop Quiz] Which 'Running Man' is your future husband?

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Which Running Man is your future husband? Take the Pop Quiz to find out!

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What could you do without?

  • exercise

  • yummy food

  • kindness

  • friends

  • money

  • ambition

What birthday cake would you like?

  • layers of Choco Pies

  • funfetti

  • vanilla

  • sponge cake with fresh fruits

  • chocolate

  • red bean

Pick a place to volunteer.

  • animal shelter

  • homeless shelter

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • nursing home

  • library

  • fire station

Someone's about to rip off your name tag! You…

  • are OUT…

  • scream for help

  • talk them out of it

  • try to team up with them

  • fight them off

  • run away

Who's your favorite female guest on 'Running Man'?

  • Lee Da Hae

  • Go Ara

  • Lee Bo Young

  • Moon Geun Young

  • Han Hyo Joo

  • Hani

  • [Pop Quiz] Which 'Running Man' is your future husband?

    Yoo Jae Suk

    Your future husband will be like Yoo Jae Suk! You are mild-mannered and polite, just like the nation's favorite, gentlemanly MC. Although he can be quite cunning, he is generally congenial and considerate, making sure everyone is taken care of while throwing out some playful teasing here and there. You two would make a much beloved couple, so you can expect to meet someone just like Yoo Jae Suk.
  • [Pop Quiz] Which 'Running Man' is your future husband?

    Kim Jong Kook

    Your future husband will be like Kim Jong Kook! You want a man who is protective and manly, who makes sure you are taken care of and putting his life on the line to make sure you are scratch-free. While he can seem tough like a lion, he's actually a soft sweetheart on the inside. People might consider him a nagging perfectionist, but you are just like that, so you two will always be on top of your own game and won't have to nag each other.
  • [Pop Quiz] Which 'Running Man' is your future husband?


    Your future husband will be like HaHa! You are known for your child-like, playful persona, so you will easily attract the attention of someone who is as mischievous and impish. You two will be pulling pranks on other people and may not be taken seriously, but when you two get ahold of power - everyone watch out! Power couple time!
  • [Pop Quiz] Which 'Running Man' is your future husband?

    Ji Suk Jin

    Your future husband will be like Ji Suk Jin! You're an old soul trapped in a young body, so you'd get along with someone like Ji Suk Jin. He may be a bit weak in the field, but he still works as best he can. At least you two will have each other for company when you both get out of the game!
  • [Pop Quiz] Which 'Running Man' is your future husband?

    Lee Kwang Soo

    Your future husband will be like Lee Kwang Soo! He's the most traitorous and cowardly of 'em all, but much-adored and endearing because he's hilarious and cute. Like him, you easily freak out and panic, and you're certainly not much of a grown up, but who wants to be one anyway? It's no fun. You two will get along with your unpredictable antics and quirky personalities.
  • [Pop Quiz] Which 'Running Man' is your future husband?


    Your future husband will be like Gary! He's actually one of the quieter ones of the group, and you are too among your friends, so you two would get along quite well. Still, neither of you are shy, so you would engage in sweet conversations with this surprisingly romantic guy, who will always have your back because he's loyal and earnest to boot! Not to mention super chill.





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    ainrahim Sunday, June 26, 2016

    I got Haha 😂

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    ohnokpop Wednesday, June 22, 2016

    Gary <3

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    Sugalove17 Wednesday, June 22, 2016

    yes Kang Gary <3

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