Fans note too many similarities in Seventeen's and BTS' MVs for it to be a coincidence

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Fans have put their heads together toward a stirring new controversy surrounding Seventeen and BTS

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On April 24, Seventeen released the long-awaited MV for their comeback title track, "Pretty U". The MV seems to depict boys enjoying their youth together, in bright, pastel tones and an all around fun, laid-back vibe. 

However, after viewing the "Pretty U" MV, some fans couldn't help point out the jarring number of similarities between scenes from "Pretty U" and scenes from BTS's 'HwaYangYeonHwa' MV series - "I NEED U" and "RUN". 

Here are just a few of the similar scenes from: 

Throwing french fries at one another

Running after graffiti

Running on overpasses


Members running into one another/their focal points (where they're looking toward)

Running under bridges

In addition, the two groups also: 

spray paint walls and one another/car windshields, camera inside the car

sit around a campfire

Fans have also noted similar follow-the-leader concepts

and lying together in a circle.

Many fans are stirring in various online communities, asking Pledis Entertainment or the MV director for an official explanation. 

Watch the 3 MVs below and see if you can spot out all of the similarities. Do you think these MVs are a coincidence? 




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navi_x_loki Saturday, July 16, 2016

Its not the first time that i see something like thatLook the mv of Rihanna, We found love !

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soellas Sunday, July 10, 2016

they have a few similarities that isn't bad nor plagiarism.I am a carat but i think bts are really cool! also the two songs have really different vibes for ex. seventeen give me a happy vibe while bts a sad nostalgic butcool vibe,

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lilaluvskpop Saturday, July 2, 2016

There is no plagiarism in anything of this. Anybody can come up with these concepts. So don't blame any one. Don't blame the artists, don't blame the director, and don't blame the company. There are not doing anything. There is a word I would like people to know, especially for the people blame others for it. The word is called inspiration. Any director can get inspiration from other directors to make their photos or videos. I am so sick of people saying that something is plagiarized just because it looks similar. I'm here thinking, do you guys even know what plagiarism is. If no one claims or copyrights a concept it is not called plagiarism.

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