Kahi expresses hurt at being accused of using Rottyful Sky's name for self-promotion

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Kahi recently revealed her close relationship with singer and composer Rottyful Sky (Haneul) who passed away on the 8th.  Kahi's tweets revealed her hopes that her friend was resting in peace and also revealed that Rottyful Sky, as Alice Sky, composed her comeback song, "It's ME."

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Most recently, Kahi made a grieving appearance at Rottyful Sky's funeral, which took place on the 10th.  She then tweeted, "Haneul, rest comfortably.  Sing with your pretty voice to your heart's content…  During the short time I've known you, so many things happened to my fascination… I really… thank you… I am going to miss you a lot…  Now I'm going to regain my strength!!!  I love you."

It turns out that in response to one of her tweets, a netizen wrote reproachfully, "Promotional comment."

Kahi revealed, "I felt hurt and sad that people would perceive it that way."

In her interview with news source OSEN on the 11th, Kahi said, "I had a legitimate reason for leaving those messages.  How could I take advantage of someone who passed away?"

She continued, "I met Haneul at the Bible study meeting called 'The Gathering for Beauties who Love God.'  While talking about our lives, I found out naturally that she composed music.  She told me she had a song that would match me well and sent 'It's ME.'"

Kahi received the sad news about Rottyful Sky's death at the pre-recording for her comeback stage.  She said, "I finished the pre-recording without being aware of how the time passed and went to Haneul's side.  There, I exchanged a lot of words with her mother who told me, 'Kahi, this is a present Haneul left me . . . From now on, please spread Haneul's name.'

As my comeback song 'It's ME' was Haneul's song, I thought the only method of getting her name out there was to take responsibility for it being Haneul's song and promote it more diligently.  After a great deal of worries and thought, I left the message on Twitter."

Make sure you check out Kahi's 'It's ME' to hear the late Rottyful Sky's excellent composition.




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    CinMin Saturday, October 12, 2013

    This is so sad, why do some people have to be like this? And that last picture man...that is heartbreaking. ;

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    moorg Saturday, October 12, 2013

    Some people are the worst kind of people...

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    ayoo_ttarahae Saturday, October 12, 2013

    It's sad that people would think it was for self promotion, how low can people be?

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